Joe Russo

Captain America: Civil War extra filming underway

Simon Brew News
Jan 29, 2016

Chris Evans and Chadwick Boseman are amongst those returning for Captain America: Civil War pick-up work...

Captain America: Civil War is “psychological thriller”

Simon Brew News
Jan 15, 2016

The directors of Captain America: Civil War give a taste as to what to expect...

Avengers: Infinity War – secondary Avengers may take centre stage

Rob Leane News
Jan 12, 2016

“Nothing can last forever,” Joe Russo has been saying about the lifespan of an Avengers line-up regarding Avengers: Infinity War…

Avengers: Infinity War to unite the Marvel cinematic universe

Simon Brew News
Jan 11, 2016

The next Avengers films sound like they'll bring the Guardians Of The Galaxy gang along for the fun...

Captain America: Civil War - Chris Evans on the new movie

Simon Brew News
Jan 6, 2016

Chris Evans has been chatting about Captain America: Civil War, and the forthcoming conflict for Cap with Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark...

Captain America: Civil War - Superbowl promo

Simon Brew News
Feb 8, 2016

Get another glimpse at Captain America: Civil War, with its Superbowl ad right here...

Captain America: Civil War: new promo

Simon Brew Trailer
Dec 8, 2015

After Captain America: Civil War, "nothing will be the same". Here's a new behind the scenes look...

Captain America: Civil War "is discussing a really interesting question"

Simon Brew News
Nov 16, 2015

Paul Bettany has been chatting about Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, and the ambition of the movie...

Avengers: Infinity War: "an end to some version of that team"

Simon Brew News
Oct 1, 2015

Avengers: Infinity War is set to bring down the curtain on some members of the current Avengers roster, it seems...

Captain America: Civil War - "there's no clear bad guy here"

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Chris Evans has been chatting about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, and the challenge facing Cap.