Joe Carnahan

Marvel superhero movies that never got the greenlight

Rob Leane Odd List Sep 5, 2014

From rock operas to Wes Craven to Dazzler, here's some Marvel movies that never quite made it...

Frank Grillo confirms he's doing Death Wish remake

Ryan Lambie News Jul 22, 2014

Joe Carnahan's remake of Death Wish seems to be back on. Frank Grillo has an update...

Joe Carnahan: Death Wish remake "may be coming back"

Simon Brew News May 7, 2014

It sounds as if director Joe Carnahan is going to have another go at getting Death Wish remade...

Universal drops cinema release of Joe Carnahan's Stretch

Simon Brew News Jan 22, 2014

Joe Carnahan's upcoming film, Stretch, doesn't seem to be getting a cinema release anymore...

The Blacklist pilot spoiler-free review

Louisa Mellor Review Aug 13, 2013

FBI action drama The Blacklist feat. James Spader comes to Sky Living this October. Here are our spoiler-free thoughts on the pilot…

David Slade on his failed Daredevil movie attempt

Simon Brew News Apr 9, 2013

David Slade chats about the Daredevil movie he never got to make...

Joe Carnahan exits Death Wish remake

Bruce Willis
Glen Chapman News Feb 25, 2013

A dispute over casting - specifically Bruce Willis - has reportedly led to Joe Carnahan quitting the new Death Wish movie...

Joe Carnahan starts work on Nemesis movie

Simon Brew News Nov 22, 2012

Mark Millar's Nemesis takes another step closer to the big screen, as Joe Caranahan confirms he's started work on the film...

Joe Carnahan gets ready for Stretch

Glen Chapman News Nov 2, 2012

With Daredevil being a non starter for director Joe Carnahan, he's found a new project instead...

Is Joe Carnahan's adaptation of Nemesis moving forward?

Glen Chapman News Aug 21, 2012

Mark Millar's Nemesis is still heading to the screen, and Joe Carnahan is set to direct...