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Peep Show series 9 episode 6 review: Are We Going To Be Alright?

DC Review
Dec 17, 2015

Peep Show stays true to nine series of brilliant comedic form in its finale. So are Mark and Jez going to be alright? Well...

Peep Show series 9 episode 5 review: Kid Farm

DC Review
Dec 10, 2015

Are Mark and Jez heading for a bleak finale? This week's solid Peep Show episode suggests they may still have a chance at happiness...

Peep Show series 9 episode 4 review: Mole Mapping

DC Feature
Dec 2, 2015

Paterson Joseph's Johnson returns for this week's Peep Show series 9 episode, in which there's trouble at the bank...

Peep Show series 9 episode 3 review: Threeism

DC Review
Nov 26, 2015

Peep Show series 9 continues in fine form as Mark hosts a hellish dinner party and Jeremy's game of genital Jenga comes tumbling down...

Peep Show series 9 episode 2 review: Gregory's Beard

DC Review
Nov 19, 2015

Peep Show series 9 delivers another belter in Gregory's Beard, as Super Hans gets married and Jez ponders his sexuality...

Peep Show series 9 episode 1 review: The William Morris Years

DC Review
Nov 12, 2015

Peep Show returns in rude health for its ninth and final (for the time being) series...

Peep Show: saluting a cynical, honest, brilliant sitcom

Louisa Mellor Feature
Nov 12, 2015

Peep Show, now airing its final series, is packed with precise, very funny writing that reflects unflattering truths about us all…

Peep Show series 9: first trailer for final run

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Nov 3, 2015

Peep Show returns to Channel 4 for its final series on Wednesday the 11th of November, and here's the first trailer...

Peep Show series 9 starts filming

Louisa Mellor News
Aug 4, 2015

Mark and Jez are back in front of the camera filming Peep Show's final season, due to arrive later this year...