The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death review

Ryan Lambie Review
Dec 30, 2014

Hammer takes us back to a familiar haunted house in the horror sequel, The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death...

New teaser trailer for The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Aug 22, 2014

An exceedingly dark trailer emerges for Hammer's horror sequel, The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death...

The Quiet Ones review

Ryan Lambie Review
Apr 9, 2014

Jared Harris stars in Hammer's horror hybrid, The Quiet Ones. Here's Ryan's review of a spooky film...

Bette Davis, Joan Fontaine, and Hammer Horror

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Mar 24, 2014

Think of women in classic Hammer Horror movies and you probably imagine cleavage and fangs, but the studio worked with some of the greats

Hammer, Dennis Wheatley, and the Devil’s luck

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Sep 3, 2013

Although his novels were successful, Dennis Wheatley never had much luck in the movies - even with Hammer behind them, as Aliya explains...

Evil Dead, Hammer's Dracula, dating, and women in horror

Jamie-Lee Nardone Feature
Apr 10, 2013

With the arrival of the Evil Dead remake in cinemas and Hammer's Dracula on Blu-ray, Jamie-Lee looks at women in horror and, erm, dating...

The top 100 TV and movie monsters

Robert Mclaughlin Odd List
Mar 28, 2013

Covering the gamut of TV and cinema from the past to the present, here's Rob's rundown of the 100 finest screen monsters...

James Watkins, Jane Goldman & Susan Hill interview: The Woman In Black, Hammer and more

Louisa Mellor Interview
Feb 9, 2012

With The Woman In Black out in the UK today, we spoke to director James Watkins, screenwriter Jane Goldman and novelist Susan Hill about ghosts, horror, Hammer and more…

Daniel Radcliffe interview: The Woman In Black, Hammer, the British film industry and Harry Potter

Louisa Mellor Interview
Feb 6, 2012

With The Woman In Black out in the UK on Friday, we spoke to star Daniel Radcliffe about his role in the film, leaving Harry Potter behind and more...

The James Clayton Column: haunted by Harry Potter

James Clayton News
Feb 2, 2012

As Hammer’s excellent The Woman In Black opens in the UK, James wonders, is Daniel Radcliffe haunted by the Harry Potter franchise…?