Groundhog Day

10 movies Hollywood shouldn't remake but probably will

Andrew Blair Top 10 Jan 20, 2014

Is nothing sacred? Not in Hollywood it isn't. Here's Andrew's list of 10 movies that shouldn't be remade but probably will be soon...

Tim Minchin adapting Groundhog Day for the stage

Simon Brew News Jan 14, 2014

The movie Groundhog Day is to become a stage musical, courtesy of Mr Tim Minchin....

The James Clayton Column: The romance of time travel

James Clayton Feature Sep 6, 2013

In light of Richard Curtis' time-travel rom-com About Time, James looks at a few other temporal romance movies...

Do movies and TV shows explain themselves too much?

Simon Brew News Sep 21, 2011

When a film or TV show comes up with a big central concept, the temptation is then to explain it all. Simon argues that Groundhog Day may have got it right...

Celebrating Stephen Tobolowsky

Glen Chapman News Mar 16, 2010

Glen salutes the mighty Stephen Tobolowsky, and gets the great man to contribute a list of his ten favourite roles too...

Top 10 films of Bill Murray

The one and only Mr. Bill Murray.
Glen Chapman Top 10 May 6, 2009

Bill Murray's covered a lot of ground in his thirty years on screen, and Glen celebrates the best of his work...