Grant Gustin

The Flash season 2: new poster, Zoom's voice cast

Rob Leane News Sep 1, 2015

Horror veteran Tony Todd will voice the villainous Zoom in season 2 of The Flash. Also, a new poster teases Jay Garrick...

The Flash season 2: more new characters added, new image

Rob Leane News Aug 26, 2015

Jesse Quick - potentially another speedster ally to Barry - has joined The Flash season 2. Also, a new image from STAR Labs...

The Flash season 2: first teaser trailer lands online

Rob Leane News Aug 19, 2015

The Flash season 2 kicks off on The CW on Tuesday the 6th of October. We've got the first trailer, here...

Vixen: featurette explains Arrow and The Flash links

Rob Leane News Aug 24, 2015

Vixen - an animated tie-in to The CW's Arrow and The Flash universe - lands tomorrow. Here's a new promo video...

Vixen: Megalyn Echikunwoke cast as new CW superhero

Rob Leane News Jul 2, 2015

Megalyn Echikunwoke will play Vixen, AKA Mari McCabe, The CW’s latest superhero, in her own online animated series this autumn…

The Flash: casting call for new hero

Rob Leane News Jun 12, 2015

A casting call has gone out for a new hero to join The Flash TV show. Could it be Jay Garrick, Earth-Two's scarlet speedster?

The Flash episode 23 review: Fast Enough

Caroline Preece Review May 21, 2015

Barry Allen demonstrates the true meaning of the word superhero in The Flash's brilliantly emotional season one finale...

The Flash: Grant Gustin, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg talk season 2

Rob Leane News May 20, 2015

With spoilers for season 1's finale, Grant Gustin, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg have been discussing The Flash season 2...

The Flash episode 22 review: Rogue Air

Caroline Preece Review May 18, 2015

The Flash delivers a big, broad hour of mindless fun before getting into the nitty gritty of its season one finale...

The Flash: extended finale trailer teases big pay-off

Rob Leane News May 18, 2015

Avoiding spoilers, it looks like [redacted] and - yes! - [redacted] will occur in The Flash's season finale. See the trailer here...