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The Flash episode 6 review: The Flash Is Born

Caroline Preece Review Nov 20, 2014

The Flash needs to develop Iris' character and fast if it wants to develop into the show it could be...

The Flash episode 5 review: Plastique

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The Flash isn't without its teething problems, as proved by this week's adventure featuring Bette Sans Souci...

The Flash episode 4 review: Going Rogue

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The Flash welcomes a pal from Arrow in this week's episode. Here's Caroline's review of Going Rogue...

The Flash episode 3 review: Things You Can't Outrun

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It's still early days for The Flash, which soon needs to break out of its formula and establish its characters with some real depth...

The Flash’s Jesse L Martin discusses future of the show

Rob Leane News Oct 15, 2014

It’s a tough time for The Flash’s Detective Joe West and his daughter, according to Jesse L. Martin…

New trailer hints at central The Flash arcs

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The Fastest Man Alive is now on our screens, with this new trailer offering a few teases of what to expect from The Flash…

Amanda Pays to reprise classic role in new The Flash series

Rob Leane News Sep 16, 2014

Amanda Pays will be returning as Dr McGee in new TV version of The Flash…

Grant Gustin discusses being cast as The Flash

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Actor Grant Gustin chats about his role as Barry Allen in TV’s The Flash.

New trailer lands for CW’s The Flash

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The speedy superhero spin-off show Flash gets a 30-second teaser…

Grant Gustin's The Flash costume in full

Louisa Mellor News Mar 11, 2014

See The Flash from his masked head to his tippy toes in this first full length picture of Grant Gustin in costume...