Die Hard 2

Die Hard: ranking the movies in order of quality

Simon Brew Feature
Jan 15, 2015

You know what the best Die Hard is. You know what the worst is. But where do the others sit in the Die Hard league table?

The strange history of the Die Hard movies

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 11, 2014

The Die Hard series may be alive and well, but there's a unique story behind the writing of each one…

Directors who've made sequels to other filmmakers' movies

Wil Jones Odd List
Sep 1, 2014

What happens when a new director comes into direct a sequel to a popular film? The results can vary, Wil writes...

Not entirely appropriate celebrations in action movies

Simon Brew Feature
Oct 1, 2013

You know at the end of some action movies where everyone jumps up in euphoria? Is it just us that thinks they've forgotten a few things?

12 ways to fix the Die Hard franchise

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 15, 2013

As A Good Day To Die Hard opens to mediocre reviews, we come up with a dozen things on our Die Hard 6 wishlist...

11 great eyeball gross out gags in the movies

Jeff Szpirglas Odd List
Dec 11, 2012

From the 1920s to the present, here's a selection of 11 horrifying, unforgettable eyeball movie gags...

Renny Harlin interview: 5 Days Of War, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and directing low-budget war films

Luke Savage Interview
Jun 13, 2011

With his latest movie 5 Days Of War out now on DVD and Blu-ray, Luke caught up with director Renny Harlin to chat about his long career in filmmaking…

Looking back at Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Mark Oakley News
Dec 22, 2009

Our Die Hard franchise retrospective arrives at the functional but fun Die Harder...

5 films where the edited for TV version went wrong

Snakes On A Plane
Simon Brew Odd List
Jun 16, 2009

Just what did TV editing do for Casino, Scarface, Die Hard 2, Robocop, and especially Snakes On A Plane...?

Top 10 most outrageous sequel patch-ups

Martin Anderson Top 10
Sep 29, 2008

Sometimes you need to get back to the box-office trough even when you've burnt your bridges. Hollywood can make it happen…