American Pie

American Pie 5 may head to Vegas

American Reunion
Simon Brew News May 12, 2015

Plans may be afoot for an American Pie 5 after all, as Tara Reid suggests that talks are under way...

A brief history of the high school movie

Megan McGill Feature Mar 6, 2014

Megan looks at the history of high school movies, from the 1960s to the present day...

The movies we were forced to watch at school

Simon Brew Feature Jul 15, 2013

We asked you what bizarre film choices your teachers foisted on you. Er, there’s a wide selection...

Paul Weitz on American Pie 5

American Reunion
Simon Brew News Feb 28, 2013

The co-director of the first American Pie movie gives an update as to where things are with the franchise...

Take the 1999 film quiz!

Den Of Geek Feature Sep 13, 2012

Reckon you know your 1999 film trivia? Take our special quiz right here…

American Pie quiz

Den Of Geek Feature Sep 5, 2012

Reckon you know your American Pie movies? Then try your hand at out quiz challenge...

10 lesser-known band cameos in the movies

James Stansfield Top 10 Aug 7, 2012

Some are blink-and-you’ll miss them brief, while others are unforgettable....

Foodstuffs the movies ruined

Louisa Mellor Feature Jul 5, 2012

We’re not just talking about the plastic nacho cheese served up by multiplexes, it’s all considerably more disgusting than that…

First trailer for American Reunion

American Reunion
Simon Brew Trailer Oct 13, 2011

The American Pie franchise returns to the big screen with American Reunion. Here's the first trailer for it...

Latest casting news for new American Pie sequel

Simon Brew News Jun 1, 2011

American Reunion, the fourth cinematic outing for the American Pie franchise, continues to fall into place…