30 Rock

30 Rock season 3 episode 6 review

30 Rock Christmas Special
Review Dec 21, 2008

Tis the season to feel guilty. And at 30 Rockefeller Plaza a few of the crew may be due for some coal in their stockings...

30 Rock season 3 episode 5 review

Review Dec 5, 2008

There's a battle for top billing in the elevators at Rockefeller Plaza, and a despondent Jack covets mediocrity and borrows an identity at Liz's high school...

30 Rock season 3 episode 4 review

30 Rock
Review Nov 21, 2008

If decoys, Canada knocks, multiple marshals, 'not prison' and the promise of a pig moat weren't enough, 30 Rock gives us Steve Martin in a perfect guest-starring role...

30 Rock season 3 episode 3 review

30 Rock 303
Review Nov 14, 2008

Designer hats, ex-Friends, a Night Court reunion and gun theft on the latest episode of 30 Rock.

30 Rock season 3 episode 2 review

30 Rock
Review Nov 7, 2008

Faked events at the Olympics? A social experiment? Oprah Winfrey? You can't beat a bit of 30 Rock...

30 Rock season 3 episode 1

30 Rock
News Oct 31, 2008

30 Rock rolls out its third season opener and it's slow going for Liz and Jack, but the laughs come fast and furious..

30 Rock: quick character summaries & catch-up

30 Rock
News Oct 27, 2008

30 Rock addict Gaye gives us a refresher course in the show's cast of oddballs to celebrate the new season...

Studio 60 Versus 30 Rock

30 Rock V. Studio 60 - a nice jab from Mr. B, but is it the Decider...?
News Aug 18, 2008

Who has the comedy bulk to stay in the basho between two great American comedy shows? Jamie may have to consult...

US TV shows: return dates confirmed

Jack (Matthew Fox) on the beach in Lost...
Simon Brew News Apr 3, 2008

Want to know when Lost, Reaper, House, 30 Rock and a whole lot more start up again in the States? Then take a look here...

Goodbye 30 Rock

30 Rock
News Jan 10, 2008

Andrew isn't going to review 30 Rock for Den of Geek any more. And here's why...