Skyline 2 coming, Liam O'Donnell to direct

Simon Brew News May 22, 2014

A sequel to Skyline, by the name of Beyond Skyline, is in the works...

The James Clayton column: Oorah for Earth's Marines!

James Clayton News Mar 24, 2011

The macho action of Battle: Los Angeles leaves James pondering the US Marine Corp’s perpetual aggression against alien visitors in films…

In defence of Skyline

Simon Brew News Mar 22, 2011

The Brothers Strause’s second movie, Skyline, was savaged on its original release. As Simon checks out the Blu-ray, though, he wonders if it might just deserve a second chance…

The James Clayton Column: the alien truth

James Clayton News Nov 18, 2010

The arrival of Skyline leaves James pondering the existence of aliens, Lovecraft, and an invasion of cells and smells. Probably best if we let him explain...

Skyline: what went wrong, and what's with the ending?

Ryan Lambie News Nov 14, 2010

Major spoilers ahead, as Ryan laments the missed opportunity that Skyline represented. And whose idea was that ending...?

Skyline review

Ryan Lambie Review Nov 12, 2010

Skyline is the latest movie from the directors of Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s our review…

The best and worst alien abduction movies

Ryan Lambie News Nov 10, 2010

As Skyline prepares to invade cinemas, we look back at more than 30 years of the best and worst alien abduction movies...

Four new clips appear for Skyline

Ryan Lambie News Nov 10, 2010

With Skyline mere days from release, we bring you four new promo clips from the Strause brothers’ invasion epic...

Colin Strause and Liam O'Donnell Interview: Skyline, science-fiction, the studio system and more

Luke Savage Interview Nov 8, 2010

In the run-up to the release of Skyline on Friday, we caught up with co-writer Liam O’Donnell and co-director Colin Strause about the making of the film…

A brief history of the alien invasion movie

Ryan Lambie News Nov 2, 2010

As the Strause Brothers’ Skyline prepares to take over cinemas, we take a look back at the 50s era of classic alien invasion films…