Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg: Star Trek shoots in the fall, writing Cornetto movie this year

Simon Brew News Jun 13, 2011

Simon Pegg has a busy few months ahead, as he confirms he’s looking to write the next Cornetto movie with Edgar Wright, before he heads off to Star Trek in the autumn…

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost interview: Paul, a Paul sequel, Cornetto trilogy, and Star Trek

Simon Brew Interview Jun 12, 2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost chat to us about the DVD release of Paul, as well as a potential sequel, Tintin, the third Cornetto film, and Star Trek…

Exclusive: Nick Frost and Simon Pegg choose their top 5 sci-fi moments

Tim Bisley News Apr 1, 2011

As Paul's DVD and Blu-ray release is announced, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost tell us their favourite five science fiction moments...

Paul review

Paul Martinovic Review Jan 25, 2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite in Paul, a new comedy about two nerds taking a road trip with an alien. Here's our review...

Latest trailer for Paul

Simon Brew Trailer Jan 7, 2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost take centre stage, as you probably know, in Paul. And here’s the brand new US trailer for it...

New trailer for Paul

Simon Brew Trailer Dec 17, 2010

It stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It features Seth Rogen as the voice of an alien. It is Paul. And the new trailer for it has arrived.

Simon Pegg interview: Burke And Hare, working with John Landis, The Boys and Ronnie Barker for Trading Places

Simon Brew Interview Oct 28, 2010

We sat down to talk to Simon Pegg about Burke and Hare. We ended up talking about John Landis for ages...

Burke And Hare review

Mark Harrison Review Oct 28, 2010

It's got Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis in it, along with a Spaced reunion in the rest of the cast. John Landis is directing. So, can Burke And Hare live up to its potential?

Simon Pegg interview: Nerd Do Well, Paul, Spaced, Star Trek, Tin Tin, Coen Brothers and more

Simon Brew Interview Oct 19, 2010

Geek overlord Simon Pegg talks about his new autobiography, as well as chatting about Spaced, Mission: Impossible 4, King Frat, Paul, Edgar Wright, Star Wars and more…