Olympus Has Fallen

London Has Fallen: the first trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 1, 2015

Olympus Has Fallen 2 is edging closer - here's the first trailer for the new film, starring Gerard Butler...

New posters: Ant-Man and London Has Fallen

Simon Brew Poster May 29, 2015

Paul Rudd is ready to do battle, whilst London is being destroyed. Meet the new Ant-Man and London Has Fallen posters...

Production begins on Olympus Has Fallen 2

Simon Brew News Nov 5, 2014

Olympus Has Fallen 2 is definitely happening, as production commences on London Has Fallen...

New director for Olympus Has Fallen 2: London Has Fallen

Simon Brew News Sep 29, 2014

After Fredrik Bond quit last week, a new director has been found for London Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler...

Director confirmed for Olympus Has Fallen 2

Simon Brew News Aug 19, 2014

Antoine Fuqua won't be back to direct London Has Fallen. But his replacement appears to have been found...

Olympus Has Fallen 2 confirmed

Simon Brew News May 2, 2014

The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen is definitely happening, and we now have a release date too...

Olympus Has Fallen sequel, London Has Fallen, going ahead

Simon Brew News Oct 30, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen 2 is London Has Fallen, and is filming in 2014 with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart & Morgan Freeman on board.

Not entirely appropriate celebrations in action movies

Simon Brew Feature Oct 1, 2013

You know at the end of some action movies where everyone jumps up in euphoria? Is it just us that thinks they've forgotten a few things?

Extended trailer for White House Down launches

Simon Brew Trailer Jun 10, 2013

White House Down might be treading similar ground to Olympus Has Fallen, but this new trailer still suggests no shortage of action...

The James Clayton Column: Why is Hollywood attacking America?

James Clayton Feature May 3, 2013

With Olympus Has Fallen set in the White House and Iron Man 3 featuring The Mandarin, James looks at Hollywood's attacks on US soil...