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Drive Angry 3D review

Drive Angry 3D
Duncan Bowles Review Feb 21, 2011

Is Nic Cage’s latest film, Drive Angry, the hell of a ride the poster claims, or merely hellish? Here’s Duncan’s review…

Behind the scenes shots of Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
Simon Brew News Jan 26, 2011

Nicolas Cage is returning in Ghost Rider 2, and a series of images from the production have now been released…

29 possible titles For Con Air 2

Con Air
Cyrus The News Jan 26, 2011

We set our Twitter followers a challenge: could they come up with a title for the proposed Con Air 2? Turns out that yes, they could…

The 10 greatest Nicolas Cage moments

Duncan Bowles News Jan 13, 2011

With Drive Angry 3D on the horizon, we celebrate the cinematic majesty of Nicolas Cage in full flow. And there is a lot to celebrate, too...

Season Of The Witch review

Duncan Bowles Review Jan 6, 2011

Nicolas Cage stars in a fantasy movie with a healthy dose of witchcraft. What could go wrong? Here's our review of Season Of The Witch...

Test footage from Tim Burton’s Superman Lives surfaces

Simon Brew News Dec 16, 2010

Get a look at the suit from the aborted Superman Lives project, as set to be worn by Nicolas Cage, right here…

Brand new trailer for Season Of The Witch

Season Of The Witch
Simon Brew Trailer Nov 12, 2010

Nicolas Cage is returning to our screens in early 2011. And Season Of The Witch has a brand new trailer out to celebrate...

Christopher Lambert circling Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2010

The Ghost Rider sequel continues to piece its cast together. So is Christopher Lambert joining Nicolas Cage next?

Ghost Rider 2 gets release date

Simon Brew News Sep 20, 2010

Nicolas Cage returns as Ghost Rider in Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. But we’re going to have to wait until 2012 to see it…