Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman 2 release date confirmed

Simon Brew News
Oct 21, 2015

The sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service will arrive in June 2017...

Kingsman 2 presses ahead, Robin Hood: Origins delayed

Simon Brew News
Oct 14, 2015

The battle over Taron Egerton's schedule has been won by Kingsman: The Secret Service 2...

Kingsman 2 set for 2016 shoot

Simon Brew News
Oct 2, 2015

Taron Egerton starts shooting Robin Hood: Origins in February. Unless there's a clash with Kingsman: The Secret Service 2...

Kingsman 2, and the plans for Colin Firth

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Mark Millar is keen for Colin Firth to return in Kingsman: The Secret Service 2, he confirms...

First Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray disc player and discs revealed

Simon Brew News
Sep 8, 2015

Kingsman, Fantastic Four and X-Men: Days Of Future Past are amongst the first Ultra HD 4K Blu-rays, when the format goes on sale in 2016.

The top 25 secret agents in film

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 28, 2015

Ahead of American Ultra's arrival in UK cinemas, here's our pick of the 25 finest, sneakiest secret agents in film...

157 movie sequels currently in the works

Simon Brew Rob Leane Feature
Oct 15, 2015

From Zoolander 2 to 23 Jump Street, with 100s in-between. Here's our rundown of the assorted movie sequels in the works...

Kingsman 2 confirmed by Matthew Vaughn

Simon Brew News
Jun 12, 2015

Matthew Vaughn is definitely writing a Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel. If the script is right, he's making the film...

Kingsman: The Secret Service 2 on Fox's agenda

Simon Brew News
Apr 30, 2015

20th Century Fox is after a sequel to Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service...

Flash Gordon: Matthew Vaughn in talks to direct reboot

Simon Brew News
Apr 16, 2015

Matthew Vaughn approaching the Flash Gordon reboot? It may be so - and that's likely to have a knock-on for Kingsman 2...