John Hurt

Doctor Who: John Hurt returning for audio adventure

Rob Leane News
Oct 6, 2015

You haven’t seen the last of John Hurt’s War Doctor, he’ll return for his own Big Finish audio saga later this year...

Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote movie delayed again

Simon Brew News
Sep 24, 2015

John Hurt's battle against cancer leads insurers to hold fire on backing Terry Gilliam's

Why Doctor Who should exploit its shared universe potential

Andrew Younger Feature
Apr 8, 2015

Now is the perfect time for Doctor Who to capitalise on its spin-off potential, and Andrew has a few suggestions as to how...

Hercules review

Ryan Lambie Review
Jul 23, 2014

Dwayne Johnson takes on the role of a club-wielding demigod in Brett Ratner’s Hercules. What’s not to like? Here’s Ryan’s review...

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on Peter Capaldi's Doctor

Simon Brew News
May 13, 2014

Steven Moffat has a brief word or two about Peter Capaldi and John Hurt in Doctor Who...

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on Christopher Eccleston regeneration

Simon Brew News
May 2, 2014

Steven Moffat has been talking about the regeneration we didn't quite get to see in Doctor Who: Day Of The Doctor

Doctor Who: the film careers of Paul McGann & John Hurt

Alex Westthorp Feature
May 7, 2014

In the latest part of his series, Alex explores the silver screen careers of Paul McGann and John Hurt...

10 reasons to look forward to Snowpiercer

Ryan Lambie Top 10
Apr 22, 2014

A hit in South Korea and France, Snowpiercer is still awaiting release in the US and UK. Here's why you should look forward to it...

Snowpiercer review

Ryan Lambie Review
Apr 18, 2014

Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and John Hurt are among the cast in Snowpiercer. Here's our review of a brilliantly bleak sci-fi film...

10 stories of excess from the production of Heaven's Gate

Ryan Lambie Top 10
Mar 27, 2014

We look back at one of the most infamous film productions in history. Here are 10 stories of excess from Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate...