Dredd 2

Dredd sequel: campaign wants Netflix or Amazon to step in

Simon Brew News
Jan 14, 2016

The Bring Back Dredd campaign urges Netflix, HBO and Amazon to continue the adventures of Karl Urban as Mega City One's finest.

“There will be a new Dredd film”, says John Wagner

Simon Brew News
Sep 4, 2015

A Karl Urban-headlined Dredd sequel is a long shot - but Judge Dredd is still likely to return on screen, argues John Wagner.

Dredd: "a failed movie", says Alex Garland

Simon Brew News
Mar 20, 2015

Alex Garland says if a new Dredd film happens, "I can't think it's happening with me and the people who made the last one".

Judge Dredd: Origins – a comic that should be a movie

Rob Leane Feature
Nov 18, 2014

Touted as the potential follow-up to the Dredd movie, here’s why Rob thinks Dredd: Origins is prime for a big screen adaptation…

Dredd sequel campaign launches new day of action

Simon Brew News
Oct 1, 2014

Today is the latest Day Of Dredd, in the campaign for a Dredd 2 movie...

Karl Urban on possible Dredd 2 plotline

Simon Brew News
Sep 9, 2014

Mr Karl Urban chats about a possible direction for the Dredd sequel. If it ever gets made...

Upcoming comic book films that aren’t Marvel Studios or DC

The inside of a cinema
Rob Leane Feature
Jul 18, 2014

From Bananaman to Sin City, Rob looks at some of the more left-field comic book movies coming soon…

Karl Urban calls for Dredd 2 Kickstarter

Simon Brew News
May 20, 2014

After Dredd 2? Karl Urban suggests crowdfunding may be the way forward...

Producer Adi Shankar gives Dredd 2 update

Simon Brew News
May 2, 2014

Karl Urban's recent words about Dredd 2 have been "blown way out of proportion" says Dredd producer Adi Shankar...

New episode lands of Dredd sequel webseries, Cursed Edge

Simon Brew Viral Video
Apr 28, 2014

The unofficial Dredd spin-off webseries has its second episode. And while we wait for Dredd 2 news, you can see it here...