Batman & Robin

20 terrible scientists in TV and film

Louise Walker Feature
Sep 16, 2015

Indiana Jones is a great movie character, but a terrible scientist. Here are 19 more for your consideration...

George Clooney on Batman & Robin

Simon Brew News
May 26, 2015

As he apologies for Batman & Robin again, George Clooney's been chatting about being directed by Joel Schumacher in a Batman film...

Joel Schumacher on Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, nipples

Batman & Robin. Amazing on many levels. None of them real.
Simon Brew News
Oct 13, 2014

The director of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher, has been talking about his turn as Batman's director...

Batman movies in the 80s and 90s: the hero we deserved?

Rob Leane Feature
Feb 26, 2014

How do capes, cowls and cultural context intertwine in some of history’s more troublesome Batman movies?

Ben Affleck, and the ingredients for a great Batman movie

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 23, 2013

Following Ben Affleck's casting in Batman Vs Superman, Ryan argues that the actor's just one ingredient in a great Batman movie...

The Last Stand, Arnie, and the end of the action icon

Simon Brew Feature
May 31, 2013

Was The Last Stand's title all-too appropriate a description of Arnold Schwarzenegger's action career? Simon fears it might be...

Faster sequels, and directorial collateral damage

Simon Brew Feature
Apr 17, 2013

Is Hollywood's thirst for a shorter gap between sequels resulting in the departure of some decent directors, Simon wonders...

Chris O’Donnell: the Batman & Robin spin-off that never was

Simon Brew News
Sep 17, 2012

Chris O’Donnell reveals that he turned down Men In Black, and was also set to star in a Robin spin-off movie…

Is anyone else suffering from origin story fatigue?

Simon Brew News
Apr 18, 2011

Why do big movie franchises seem intent on repeatedly telling the story of a character’s genesis? With Superman, Tomb Raider, X-Men and more following that path, we take a look…

The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy on Bane

Simon Brew News
Feb 22, 2011

When Christopher Nolan puts Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, don’t go expecting parallels with Batman & Robin, says Tom Hardy…