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Why the opening credits to Airwolf still give me goosebumps

Scott Snowden Feature Jun 24, 2015

A helicopter, the manliest of manly stars, and a kick-ass theme - what's not to love about the Airwolf credits?

The top 10 James Bond deaths

Scott Snowden Top 10 Dec 18, 2014

From death by shark to fatal ingestion of air pellet, here's a run-down of the James Bond movies' grisliest deaths...

The potential plot problems with an Independence Day sequel

Independence Day
Scott Snowden Feature Nov 27, 2014

Independence Day has been greenlit, but the original's ending leaves writers with all sorts of problems, Scott writes…

Looking back at Robot Jox

Scott Snowden Feature May 20, 2013

With Pacific Rim on the horizon, what better time to look back at the 1989 giant robot flick, Robot Jox...

Walter Koenig interview: Star Trek, Babylon 5, JJ Abrams' reboot, and graphic novels

Scott Snowden Interview Oct 11, 2012

In the run-up to this month's Star Trek Destination London event, Scott chatted to Star Trek and Babylon 5's Walter Koenig...

Which of these 80s TV shows is next for the reboot treatment?

Scott Snowden Feature Oct 5, 2012

Following the news that Manimal is being rebooted, which other 80s single-series wonders might benefit from a modern-day makeover?

The unexplored potential of the RoboCop universe

Scott Snowden Feature Sep 21, 2012

What can we expect from the RoboCop remake's plot? Scott looks at some of the franchise’s storytelling possibilities…