Sarah Dobbs

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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Would banning popcorn make cinemas better?

Easy to eat, easy to clean up, not too noisy...but a bit 'common'...?
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 10, 2008

Quick answer: no, don't be so ridiculous. Apparently some cinemagoers don't agree... is popcorn really the problem, though?

Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode announced!

Sarah Dobbs News Aug 6, 2008

A new series of comics seeks to expand on the background of the popular Halloween horror movie franchise...

Is The Dark Knight cursed?

Is The Dark Knight cursed?
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 5, 2008

How much havoc and destruction must a film wreak in order to be considered cursed? And does the new Batman film qualify yet?

The Dark Knight is a 12A: BBFC stands by its decision

The interrogation scene in The Dark Knight was one source of controversy in establishing a UK rating...
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 5, 2008

MPs are all rushing to comment on The Dark Knight's controversial 12A rating. But the BBFC remains resolute...

The Grin of the Dark by Ramsey Campbell review

Too many clowns in Ramsey Campbell's latest...?
Sarah Dobbs Review Aug 5, 2008

Clowns are scary. It's obvious. But does Ramsey Campbell's take on this horror trope offer anything new - or even entertaining - to it...?

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor review

The Mummy
Sarah Dobbs Review Aug 4, 2008

Deep and intellectual? Nah. Tangled morality and important political questions? Who needs that? Sarah says this is the perfect summer pick-me-up...

The Nicolas Cage drinking game

Nic Cage: A man you occasionally need to turn the fire extinguishers on.
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 2, 2008

As if his movies weren't fun enough already, here's a Nic Cage-related game you won't remember playing until the evidence turns up on Facebook...

10 more people you probably didn't know were in The X-Files

Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin in How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (S6_E8)
Sarah Dobbs Odd List Aug 2, 2008

Nine seasons, two movies, dozens of guest stars... do any of these X-Files bit part players ring a bell?

The Sarah Michelle Gellar ready reckoner

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 1, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar isn't just Buffy, y'know. Nope. She's been in other things, too. Nothing as good, obviously...

10 people you probably didn't know were in The X-Files

Seth Green
Sarah Dobbs News Jul 31, 2008

The X-Files ran for 9 seasons. That's a hell of a lot of guest stars. Do you remember any of these famous faces showing up...?

Burger King uses Spider-man ad for Dark Knight burger

The Dark Whopper
Sarah Dobbs News Jul 27, 2008

Burger King's got a new burger out, inspired by The Dark Knight. Except last summer, it was inspired by Spider-man 3. What's going on?

Should the Dark Knight really have got a 12A?

So cool it hurts - the new poster for the Dark Knight
Sarah Dobbs News Jul 27, 2008

The Dark Knight is, as the name suggests, a very dark film... and a very violent one. So how come it only got a 12A from the BBFC?

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - why Penny matters

Sarah Dobbs News Jul 20, 2008

Joss Whedon's online musical mini-series is over, and the finale was, well, disappointing. Sarah laments that another female character just got sidelined...

Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Act III review

Dr Horrible
Sarah Dobbs Review Jul 19, 2008

The final episode of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is up - so you've got just under 48 hours to catch it before the whole thing disappears...

Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Act II review

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Sarah Dobbs Review Jul 16, 2008

The second part of Joss Whedon's musical web serial has been published ... and so far Internet gremlins haven't eaten it

Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog Act I review

Dr Horrible
Sarah Dobbs Review Jul 14, 2008

Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Joss Whedon's latest project is online now ... and it's a musical about a supervillain?

Would you visit the Batman Dental Surgery?

Batman dentist
Sarah Dobbs News Jul 14, 2008

Publicity for The Dark Knight is about to reach fever pitch - but would you really trust the Caped Crusader to give you a root canal?

EXTE: Hair Extensions DVD review

It's not what I asked for...
Sarah Dobbs Review Jul 9, 2008

A horror film about hair that needs thirty inches, err, minutes lopping off the end...

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale DVD review

In the Name of the King
Sarah Dobbs Review Jul 2, 2008

Uwe Boll's sword and sorcery epic finally gets a release. And who better to review it than our resident Boll enthusiast, Sarah?

The Happening review

The Happening: out on Friday 13th. Spooky.
Sarah Dobbs Review Jun 13, 2008

M. Night Shyamalan turns "happening" into a noun for this surprisingly spooky thriller...