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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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How Saw changed the Halloween release schedule

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Oct 10, 2014

This Halloween marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of the first Saw movie. Sarah looks back to see how things have changed

Revisiting Robert Zemeckis' Death Becomes Her

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Oct 9, 2014

Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep starred in Robert Zemeckis' Death Becomes Her. Anyone else share our love for it?

Looking back at the Amityville Horror franchise

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Oct 1, 2014

Sarah looks back at the Amityville films, and finds a lot of scary things, not all of which were intentional…

Things to be wary of when your other half is a zombie

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Sep 26, 2014

As Life After Beth proves, the dating world is tough enough at the best of times. But when your crush is undead? Yikes...

Rainbow Rowell interview: Landline, fangirls, the internet

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Jul 22, 2014

Sarah chats to Fangirl and Eleanor & Park author Rainbow Rowell about geekdom, romance, YA, and her new novel, Landline...

1990s teen movies you'll remember - and some you won't

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Jun 13, 2014

What makes a classic? Sarah digs into the ‘90s teen genre to find the difference between an iconic movie and a forgotten one...

Jack Thorne interview: adapting Let The Right One In for the stage

Sarah Dobbs Interview
May 6, 2014

We talked to writer Jack Thorne about adapting a much-loved book, trees, and the nature of romance...

Designing the Amazing Spider-Man costumes

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Apr 16, 2014

We talked to costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott about designing the new Spider-suit, creating Electro, and tie-dye...

7 reasons to be optimistic about a Scream TV series

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Apr 14, 2014

Sarah argues that MTV's Scream TV pilot could be a great addition to the franchise...

Wes Bentley interview: Pioneer, Weirdsville, and beards

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Apr 9, 2014

We caught up with Wes Bentley to chat about his new projects, including Pioneer and Interstellar. We also talked about beards. And Statham.

The cast of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace: 10 years on

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Apr 3, 2014

What have Matthew Holness, Richard Ayoade, Alice Lowe and Matt Berry been up to in the decade since Garth Marenghi's Darkplace?

Divergent review

Sarah Dobbs Review
Mar 21, 2014

Another young adult novel - Divergent - makes its way to cinemas, but do we really need to worry about another bizarre dystopian future?

The cast of Angel: 10 years on

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Mar 5, 2014

Sarah digs into the post-Angel careers of David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Charisma Carpenter and more...

Katee Sackhoff interview: Battlestar, Haunting, Statham

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Mar 4, 2014

Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff talks The Haunting In Connecticut, the ghost in her house, and missed opportunities...

What do we know about new sci-fi series, Extant?

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Feb 20, 2014

Sarah rounds up all the latest on forthcoming CBS sci-fi series, Extant, starring Halle Berry...

When Den Of Geek went to King's Landing

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Feb 13, 2014

Just 25 minutes outside of London, you too can visit King's Landing to celebrate Game Of Thrones' season 3 DVD release...

Top 20 scariest horror movie masks

Sarah Dobbs Odd List
Jan 31, 2014

Any good horror movie villain needs a mask. Sarah counts down 20 of the most frightening face-hiders in the movies...

5 Grimm fairy tales you probably weren't told as a child

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Jan 31, 2014

Reckon you know your Grimm fairy tales? You might not know these ones…

The dark origins of the Grimms' fairy tales

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Jan 29, 2014

Every fairy tale ends with a happily ever after, right? Well, not to begin with, they didn’t…

Looking back at Atmosfear

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Jan 14, 2014

A combination of video and board game, Atmosfear had players everywhere shouting at their tellies in the 90s. Sarah takes a look back...

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