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Bojack Horseman: dark, funny, and worth your time

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature Aug 21, 2014

Pete checks out Netflix animation Bojack Horseman, and finds a bold, hilariously dark comedy featuring a cast at the top of its game...

Earth To Echo review

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Jul 25, 2014

Three young friends meet a robot alien in Earth To Echo. Here's Pete's review of a sweet yet uneven family film...

Celebrating Wet Hot American Summer

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature May 27, 2014

As news arrives that a prequel series may arrive on Netflix, Pete looks back fondly at Wet Hot American Summer...

Trophy Wife: in memoriam

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature May 15, 2014

Pete mourns the passing of Trophy Wife, a well-cast, well-written sitcom whose title didn't do it any favours...

The pros and cons of a new Power Rangers movie

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature May 8, 2014

There's a movie reboot of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers coming. But is it a good idea, ponders Pete...?

The IT Crowd Special review: The Internet Is Coming

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Sep 27, 2013

The IT Crowd leaves us with a superb final outing. Here's Pete's review of The Internet Is Coming...

The IT Crowd special spoiler-free review: The Internet Is Coming

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Sep 16, 2013

The IT Crowd special has a blisteringly funny script and feels as if it's never been away...

Why Avengers: Age Of Ultron won't be like the comic

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Odd List Jul 23, 2013

As the title of the Avengers sequel sparks controversy, Pete explains why Age Of Ultron won't be like the comic it's named after...

Wizards VS Aliens series 1 finale review: The Last Day

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Dec 4, 2012

Wizards VS Aliens' first series draws to an emotional finale. Here's Pete's review of The Last Day

Take the Red Dwarf quiz!

Pete Dillon-Trenchard News Nov 30, 2012

Reckon you know a lot about Red Dwarf? Take our special quiz and find out...

Wizards VS Aliens series 1 episodes 9 and 10 review: Fall Of The Nekross

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Nov 28, 2012

Wizards Vs Aliens serves up a dramatic two-parter with an ethical dilemma at its heart. Here's Pete's review...

New Dizzy game planned

Pete Dillon-Trenchard News Nov 23, 2012

Dizzy, the puzzle-solving egg from the 80s and 90s, is about to make a triumphantly return - but only if you’re willing to fund it...

Red Dwarf X: a celebration

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature Nov 19, 2012

Pete gives a well-deserved Rimmer salute to Red Dwarf X, and crosses his fingers for Red Dwarf XI...

Wizards Vs Aliens series 1 episodes 5 and 6 review: Rebel Magic

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Nov 13, 2012

Wizards Vs Aliens delivers a morality and magic tale episodes 5 and 6. Here's Pete's review...

Red Dwarf X: The Beginning review

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Nov 8, 2012

Pete waves a fond goodbye to Red Dwarf X, which closes on a dramatic and emotional episode. Here's his review of The Beginning...

Wizards Vs Aliens series 1 episodes 3 and 4 review: Grazlax Attacks

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Nov 6, 2012

Pete enjoys an homage to eighties comedy horror movie Critters in this week's double-bill of CBBC's Wizards vs Aliens...

Red Dwarf X: Dear Dave review

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Nov 1, 2012

What happened in this week's episode? Pete's not sure, but he liked it anyway. Here's his review...

Wizards vs Aliens episode 1 and 2 review: Dawn of the Nekross

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Oct 30, 2012

Phil Ford & Russell T Davies's new show is all about, well, wizards fighting aliens. Is it any good?

Matt Smith interview: Doctor Who, Walking Dead & Breaking Bad

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Interview Oct 29, 2012

Matt Smith chats about Doctor Who, Paul McGann, Breaking Bad, Steven Moffat and The Walking Dead...

Red Dwarf X: Entangled review

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Oct 25, 2012

Red Dwarf X delivers its best episode since the series opener. Here's Pete's review of Entangled...