Michael Noble

Michael Noble may have had his tiny mind blown watching Oz on a rickety portable TV set in his bedroom in the 1990s but he still can't bring himself to forgive HBO for cancelling Deadwood. At least he now has a much better TV.

He has been contributing to Den of Geek since 2011. His writing has also appeared in Starburst, PopMatters, Sabotage Times, Crap Towns and The Guardian.

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Recent articles by Michael Noble

Fortitude series 1 finale review

Michael Noble Review Apr 13, 2015

Fortitude raised a lot of questions, but could it answer them? Here's Michael's review of Fortitude episode 11...

Fortitude episode 10 review

Michael Noble Review Apr 6, 2015

The stakes have been changed but the mystery remains in Fortitude. Here's Michael's review...

Fortitude episode 9 review

Michael Noble Review Mar 30, 2015

The icy setting of Fortitude looks beautiful, but does it tell us anything more? Here's Michael's review of episode 9...

Fortitude episode 8 review

Michael Noble Review Mar 23, 2015

Will there, ultimately, be a rational explanation for everything that has been happening in Fortitude? Here's our review of episode 8...

Fortitude episode 7 review

Michael Noble Review Mar 15, 2015

The strange goings-on continue in this week's Fortitude, but are the townsfolk too busy turning on each other?

House Of Cards season 3: has Frank lost his evil appeal?

Michael Noble Review Mar 11, 2015

In House Of Cards season 3 has Frank Underwood lost his devilish USP? Michael takes a spoiler-filled look at a show in transition...

Why Gomorrah should be next on your to-watch list

Michael Noble Review Mar 9, 2015

Sky's Italian crime drama Gomorrah is more than just another tale of gangsters. Michael takes a spoiler-free look at the first series...

Fortitude episode 6 review

Michael Noble Review Mar 6, 2015

Is DCI Morton out of his depth? He wouldn't be the only one at this stage. Here's Michael's review of Fortitude's latest episode...

Fortitude episode 5 review

Michael Noble Review Mar 2, 2015

Fortitude's mysteries are rooted in incongruity, and we've some distance to go before finding out how they all connect...

Fortitude episode 4 review

Michael Noble Review Feb 23, 2015

Some answers serve only to deepen the mystery in this week's Fortitude. Here's Michael's review...

Fortitude episode 3 review

Michael Noble Review Feb 15, 2015

If everyone in Fortitude has a secret, then is everyone guilty? Here's Michael's review of episode three...

Fortitude "not like Lost" says exec producer, "every question will be answered"

Michael Noble Interview Feb 12, 2015

We interview Fortitude's exec producer, who says that the Sky Atlantic drama is "a self-contained story that comes to an end"...

Fortitude episode 2 review

Michael Noble Review Feb 8, 2015

More questions emerge from the ice as Morton continues his investigations in Fortitude's second chilling episode...

Fortitude episode 1 review

Michael Noble Review Jan 29, 2015

Sky Atlantic's brand new drama offers icebound danger, but is it any good? Here's Michael's review of Fortitude...

The Eichmann Show review

Michael Noble Review Jan 28, 2015

The Eichmann Show, featuring Martin Freeman, focused on a difficult history and a defining moment of television...

Vincent Piazza interview: Boardwalk Empire, Lucky Luciano

Michael Noble Interview Jan 8, 2015

As Boardwalk Empire season 5 arrives on DVD, we chat to the man behind Charlie Luciano, Vincent Piazza…

2014: looking back at the year in TV

Michael Noble Feature Dec 31, 2014

Broken cops, brutal period dramas and a very, very fast man. Here's Michael's take on 2014's television offerings...

The Knick season 1 episode 10 review: Crutchfield

Michael Noble Review Dec 22, 2014

The Knick's first season finale saw a whole lot of people reach a whole lot of desperation. Here's Michael's review...

The Knick season 1 episode 9 review: The Golden Lotus

Michael Noble Review Dec 16, 2014

Failure, personal, medical and otherwise is everywhere in The Knick. Here's Michael's review...

Penny Dreadful: exploring the cultural context

Michael Noble Feature Dec 10, 2014

Now that it's out on disc, Michael takes a look at some of the mythology and culture behind Penny Dreadful...