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Michael Leader is a chocolate digestive-powered writer living in South London. He frequently gets excited about films, comics and video games, and has written about them for Den of Geek since 2009. He is Deputy Editor of Film4.com.

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Attack The Block review

Michael Leader Review
Apr 27, 2011

It's War Of The Worlds with hoodies. It's writer and director Joe Cornish's Attack The Block, and it's rather fabulous. Here's Michael's review...

Falling Skies episode 1 review: The Armoury

Michael Leader Review
Apr 15, 2011

The first episode of Falling Skies was screened at Kapow! Comic Con in London last weekend. And here's what Michael thought...

Cold Weather review

Michael Leader Review
Apr 15, 2011

There's a lot to be said for charm and good characters. Cold Weather has no shortage of either...

Looking back at Kapow! Comic Con

Kapow! (Cartigan)
Michael Leader News
Apr 14, 2011

Michael went to check out the inaugural Kapow! Comic Con in London last weekend. And here's what he thought...

Killing Bono review

Michael Leader Review
Mar 25, 2011

When your classmates go on to form U2, and take the limelight away from you, what do you do? Michael sees one possible answer explored in Killing Bono. Here's his review...

Chalet Girl review

Michael Leader Review
Mar 16, 2011

A fiercely British comedy, Michael checks out Chalet Girl, and finds a film that might just have overstretched itself...

Portal 2 interview and hands-on preview

Michael Leader Interview
Mar 1, 2011

Valve’s first-person puzzler Portal 2 is due out this year, and Michael had the chance to talk to writers Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw, and preview the game...

Confessions review

Michael Leader Review
Feb 21, 2011

Japan's nomination for the Best Foreign Language Oscar doesn't fit the template for Oscar-friendly movies at all. Here's Michael's take on Confessions...

Inside Job review

Michael Leader Review
Feb 18, 2011

The global financial crisis is the subject of a slick, feature-length Oscar-nominated documentary. Inside Job is both informative and bleak, writes Michael...

Warren Ellis interview: RED, RED 2, Jonah Hex, Gravel, screenwriting and more

Michael Leader Interview
Feb 15, 2011

As RED arrives on DVD and Blu-ray, we caught up with the original comic book’s writer Warren Ellis about its big screen adaptation, Twitter, and much more...

Greg Mottola interview: directing Paul, working with CGI and more

Greg Mottola
Michael Leader Interview
Feb 13, 2011

As Paul beams into UK cinemas, we caught up with director Greg Mottola to discuss making the film, music, and computer graphics…

DC Universe Online interview

Michael Leader Interview
Feb 4, 2011

With DC Universe Online out now on PC and PS3, we caught up with Sony’s Ryan Peters and Tony Jones to chat about the making of this sprawling MMO…

Rabbit Hole review

Michael Leader Review
Feb 4, 2011

Rabbit Hole might have earned Nicole Kidman a deserved Oscar nomination. But there are more reasons than her performance alone to praise it, reckons Michael...

Brighton Rock review

Michael Leader Review
Feb 2, 2011

Michael checks out the new take on Brighton Rock. Where did it go wrong, he wonders...?

Get Low review

Michael Leader Review
Jan 20, 2011

Robert Duvall and Bill Murray are highlights of a strong cast in Get Low. But can the film deliver?

Vincent Cassel interview: Black Swan, Ocean's Twelve, Luc Besson and more

Michael Leader Interview
Jan 20, 2011

Vincent Cassel chats about Black Swan, Ocean's Twelve, dancing, Mesrine and a whole lot more...

Roger Michell interview: Morning Glory, directing films and working with Harrison Ford

Michael Leader Interview
Jan 20, 2011

Roger Michell, the director of films such as Venus, Notting Hill and Changing Lanes, chats to us about making movies, and his latest, Morning Glory...

Mila Kunis interview: Black Swan, Family Guy, and working with Darren Aronofsky

Michael Leader Interview
Jan 19, 2011

In our latest interview to celebrate the arrival of Black Swan in the UK, we chat to Mila Kunis about her role in the film, and how she landed the part…

Darren Aronofsky interview: Black Swan, remakes, Wolverine and psychological horror

Michael Leader Interview
Jan 18, 2011

As sinister ballet movie Black Swan arrives in UK cinemas, we caught up with director Darren Aronofsky about filmmaking, remakes and more...

Ryan Gosling interview: Blue Valentine, controversy and NC-17 ratings

Michael Leader Interview
Jan 13, 2011

Ahead of Blue Valentine’s UK release, Michael Leader spoke to lead actor Ryan Gosling about the making of the film and its MPAA rating controversy in the US…

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