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Michael Leader is a chocolate digestive-powered writer living in South London. He frequently gets excited about films, comics and video games, and has written about them for Den of Geek since 2009. He is Deputy Editor of Film4.com.

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Looking back at Apocalypse Now

Michael Leader News
Jun 24, 2016

Michael celebrates the story behind the outstanding Apocalypse Now...

Paterson Joseph interview: Good Omens, Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman

Michael Leader Interview
Dec 22, 2014

Paterson Joseph chats to us about Good Omens, Peep Show, being cut from Paddington, and why he'd "never say never" to playing the Doctor...

Looking back at Tony Scott's The Hunger

Michael Leader Feature
May 29, 2013

Our tribute to the late Tony Scott begins, with a look back at his 1983 vampire feature, The Hunger...

Looking ahead to Fire Emblem Awakening

Michael Leader Feature
Apr 9, 2013

With the launch of Fire Emblem Awakening is just around the corner, Michael explains why you should be looking forward to this 3DS RPG...

Stanley Tucci interview: Jack The Giant Slayer and 3D

Michael Leader Interview
Mar 21, 2013

Ahead of the film's release, Michael met with Jack The Giant Slayer villain and acting great, Stanley Tucci...

Eddie Marsan interview: Jack The Giant Slayer and 3D Mike Leigh movies

Michael Leader Interview
Mar 20, 2013

While on the set of Jack The Giant Slayer, we had a chat with actor Eddie Marsan about blockbuster movies and 3D...

Looking back at BBC Two's Neverwhere

Michael Leader Feature
Mar 19, 2013

Michael revisits the 1996 incarnation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, a magical BBC series that was ahead of its time...

Ewan McGregor interview: Jack The Giant Slayer & visual effects

Michael Leader Interview
Mar 18, 2013

With Jack The Giant Slayer on the horizon, Michael headed to the set for a chat with one of its stars, Ewan McGregor...

Why Young Adult is an overlooked gem

Michael Leader Feature
Mar 8, 2013

Well received but lacking awards attention, Young Adult be one of the most overlooked films of recent times...

Jack The Giant Slayer: on the set with director Bryan Singer

Michael Leader Interview
Feb 6, 2013

While the cameras were rolling on Jack The Giant Slayer, Michael managed to get some time on the set with director Bryan Singer...

Bullet To The Head review

Michael Leader Review
Jan 29, 2013

Sylvester Stallone! The mighty Walter Hill! Is Bullet To The Head the first action feast of 2013?

Gangster Squad review

Michael Leader Review
Jan 10, 2013

A starry cast has assembled for the period crime flick, Gangster Squad. Michael finds out whether the film's as good as its credits...

Silver Linings Playbook review

Michael Leader Review
Nov 23, 2012

Director David O Russell brings us an engaging rom-com with Silver Linings Playbook. Here's Michael's review...

Gambit review

Michael Leader Review
Nov 23, 2012

An all-star cast attempt to breathe life into the timeworn farce with Gambit. The results, Michael writes, are less than stellar...

Stephen Gyllenhaal and Jason Biggs interview: Grassroots

Michael Leader Interview
Nov 9, 2012

With political comedy drama Grassroots out now, Michael spoke to filmmaker Stephen Gyllenhaal and star Jason Biggs...

Looking back at Silent Hill

Michael Leader Feature
Oct 18, 2012

With Silent Hill: Revelation 3D out soon, Michael takes a look back at the atmospheric 2006 original…

Genndy Tartakovsky interview: Hotel Transylvania, and creating animation for the big screen

Michael Leader Interview
Oct 10, 2012

Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack creator turns to direction with Hotel Transylvania. Here’s our interview with the unique animator…

Hotel Transylvania review

Michael Leader Review
Sep 24, 2012

Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania, featuring the voice talents of Adam Sandler, doesn't quite deliver the goods...

St George's Day review

Michael Leader Review
Sep 7, 2012

Another British film makes its way to the big screen. St George's Day isn't one of the best, though...

15 films to watch out for at the 2012 London Film Festival

Michael Leader News
Sep 6, 2012

Argo, Seven Psychopaths, Frankenweenie and more lead the 2012 London Film Festival. Here are our picks...

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