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Beatdown DVD review

Matt Edwards Review
Mar 15, 2011

Mixed martial arts action movie, Beatdown, arrives on DVD. Danny Trejo adds star quality between the fight scenes, but is it any good? Here’s Matt’s review...

Confused Views: 7 dreadful places to read the Necronomicon aloud

Matt Edwards News
Mar 2, 2011

Luckily for us, the possessions of The Evil Dead took place in an isolated wood. Matt wonders what would happen if the film’s cursed book were read aloud in busier places...

Confused Views: An idiot’s guide to the Oscars

Matt Edwards News
Feb 17, 2011

Matt casts a wry look over this year’s Oscar nominations, and provides a few predictions for the night’s winners...

Amer DVD review

Matt Edwards Review
Feb 7, 2011

An unusual, giallo-inspired French thriller, Amer is a fractured mix of sexual imagery and weird colours, Matt writes...

Confused Views: Like Universal Studios, but more awesome and lucrative

Matt Edwards News
Feb 2, 2011

Matt has a new get rich quick scheme: construct his own theme park. What could possibly go wrong there...

Confused Views: 5 ways I have failed to bribe Den of Geek to get me an interview with Rob Zombie

Matt Edwards Interview
Jan 19, 2011

In this week’s Confused Views, Matt describes his fruitless and often frightening attempts to interview Rob Zombie...

Confused Views: More letters to Jerry

Matt Edwards News
Jan 6, 2011

Matt Edwards has been having a fictional conversation with Jerry Bruckheimer. Here's how it's been going...

9 obligations in my tenancy agreement Jason Statham would be unable to agree to

Matt Edwards News
Dec 8, 2010

In this week's Confused Views, Matt ponders the legal stipulations in his new tenancy agreement. He also wonders, what would Jason Statham make of all this?

Confused Views: 7 alternative uses for 3D glasses

Matt Edwards News
Nov 10, 2010

In the wake of Jackass 3D, Matt comes up with seven alternative - and potentially disastrous - uses for stereoscopic spectacles...

Confused Views: All the good ones end in ‘o’

Matt Edwards News
Oct 27, 2010

Matt ponders the inspirational power of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and wonders why the definitive cut of the original live-action film has never appeared on disc...

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) Blu-ray review

Matt Edwards Review
Oct 21, 2010

Tom Six’s controversial horror, The Human Centipede, arrives on Blu-ray. Matt delves in to see if there’s a competent movie beneath the hype...

Confused Views: Veronica Mars versus reality

Matt Edwards News
Oct 13, 2010

Matt overcomes his initial reluctance and settles down to watch the high school drama mystery series Veronica Mars. And his reaction is typically unexpected...

Confused Views: Shocking Nazi arm-licking threesome

Matt Edwards News
Sep 29, 2010

With Tarantino's Grindhouse set to appear on DVD, Matt checks out the controversial exploitation series, Ilsa...

Confused Views: Right in the eyes!

Zombi 2
Matt Edwards News
Sep 15, 2010

Matt loves classic 70s and 80s Italian horror movies, but finds they have a nasty tendency to play on his worst eye-gouging fears...

Confused Views: The 5 trivial stages of idiocy

Piranha 3D beer
Matt Edwards News
Sep 1, 2010

Matt’s been to the cinema and suffered through close to 30 minutes of trailers and beer commercials. And he’s not going to take it any more...

Cool As Ice DVD review

Matt Edwards Review
Aug 24, 2010

At the height of his creative powers, pop rapper Vanilla Ice starred in Cool As Ice, a kind of early-90s Rebel Without A Cause. But has time been kind to Ice’s movie?

Confused Views: Have you heard the news?

Matt Edwards News
Aug 18, 2010

With reports that Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is underperforming at the box office, Matt argues that a film’s quality is more important than its box office...

Confused Views: Inglourious Bearstuds

Matt Edwards News
Aug 11, 2010

It’s officially the poster we’ll be talking about for years. And Matt has a few ideas as to how the unfortunate poster for Yogi Bear came about...

Confused Views: Collection killers

Matt Edwards News
Aug 5, 2010

Matt Edwards highlights the DVDs that, should you dare to buy them, will kill your collection outright...

Confused Views: Puppy McWiggletail Gets Humanely Euthanised

The doomed Puppy McWiggletail
Matt Edwards News
Jul 28, 2010

If you thought Toy Story 3 was a tear-jerker, Matt’s idea for a heart-rending family blockbuster will have you sobbing in the aisles…

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