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Ben Wheatley interview: High-Rise, Doctor Who and more

James Peaty Interview
Mar 14, 2016

Director Ben Wheatley on adapting High-Rise, casting Keeley Hawes, and why he made his two Doctor Who episodes.

What we currently know about Batman Vs Superman

James Peaty Feature
Jan 3, 2014

With Batman Vs Superman still 18 months away, the film's details are only just beginning to come to light. James takes a closer look...

Phil Ford remembers Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson - the man who brought high-budget, high-quality sci-fi to British screens
James Peaty Interview
Dec 11, 2013

James talks to Captain Scarlet's Phil Ford about his memories of Gerry Anderson...

Phil Ford on Wizards Vs Aliens and The Sarah-Jane Adventures

James Peaty Interview
Dec 3, 2013

We interview Phil Ford about Wizards vs Aliens, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Russell T Davies, Doctor Who and more...

Wizards Vs Aliens series 2 launch report

James Peaty Feature
Oct 28, 2013

Starting today on CBBC, James reports back from the second series launch of Russell T Davies and Phil Ford's Wizards Vs Aliens...

Roland Emmerich: White House Down, Independence Day 2 & more

James Peaty Interview
Sep 4, 2013

We talk to director Roland Emmerich about his upcoming films and shows - White House Down, Lawrence Of Arabia and Independence Day 2...

The Easter eggs hidden in Man Of Steel

James Peaty Feature
Jun 19, 2013

Tucked away in Man Of Steel were plenty of fan shout-outs and hints about future DC Comics movies - here's what James spotted

Neil Jordan interview: Byzantium, The Company Of Wolves, vampires

James Peaty Interview
May 30, 2013

With his new film Byzantium out this week, Neil Jordan chats to us about vampire movies, and his career to date...

Byzantium review

James Peaty Review
May 28, 2013

Director Neil Jordan returns to the topic of vampires with the moody fantasy thriller, Byzantium. Here's James' review...

The comic book influences behind Man Of Steel

James Peaty Feature
May 15, 2013

Man Of Steel aims to bring a new Superman to the big screen. But which comic books, artists and writers influenced it? James takes a look...

10 great Sundance movies you might not have seen

James Peaty Feature
Mar 8, 2013

With Sundance London fast approaching, we've highlighted ten Sundance films you really should watch...

Side Effects review

James Peaty Review
Mar 5, 2013

An on-form Steven Soderbergh serves up a cracking medical thriller. Here's James' review of the tense Side Effects...

Looking back at Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

James Peaty Feature
Feb 27, 2013

A box-office failure, David Lynch's Fire Walk With Me divided critics in 1992. James looks back at a surreal cult film...

Where next for the Terminator franchise?

James Peaty Feature
Feb 11, 2013

What does the future hold for the Terminator franchise, and how can it regain its early 90s success? James takes a closer look...

Phil Ford interview: Wizards VS Aliens, Doctor Who, Lis Sladen, Torchwood, UFO & more

James Peaty Interview
Dec 12, 2012

We continue our chat with TV writer Phil Ford, which takes in his time on Doctor Who, Torchwood and Wizards VS Aliens...

Phil Ford interview: Captain Scarlet, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures & more

James Peaty Interview
Dec 4, 2012

James sits down with TV writer Phil Ford to chat about Captain Scarlet, Doctor Who, The Sarah-Jane Adventures and more...

Wizards Vs Aliens series 1 episodes 7 and 8 review

James Peaty Review
Nov 21, 2012

Wizards Vs Aliens delivers an episode reminiscent of The Sarah Jane Adventures at its romping best. Here's James' review...

Skyfall: a spoiler-filled exploration

James Peaty Feature
Nov 2, 2012

With Skyfall breaking records at the box office, James takes an in-depth look at where the movie takes the Bond franchise...

The lasting impact of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

James Peaty Feature
Oct 25, 2012

Once critically dismissed, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is now regarded as a classic. James looks at its growing cultural impact…

Wizards Vs Aliens: Dawn Of The Nekross spoiler-free review

James Peaty Review
Oct 8, 2012

Imaginative, enchanting, and entertaining, Russell T Davies' new CBBC series is a fitting successor to The Sarah Jane Adventures...

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