Glen Chapman

Glen is a fairly long-time contributor to this good site and now contributes daily news pieces and the occasional feature. Few things in recent cinema have made him as happy as the masterpiece that is Goon.

Film tastes used to be varied but now his viewing time is limited since becoming a father so he tends to favour films that he knows he'll have a good time with - usually action and comedy. Although he am pretty partial to the vast majority of what Arrow video put out.

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Recent articles by Glen Chapman

Director Patrick Hughes on the US remake of The Raid

Glen Chapman News Apr 17, 2014

The director of the English language take on The Raid, Patrick Hughes, has been chatting about the film...

Magic Mike XXL: director found, summer 2015 release locked

Glen Chapman News Apr 16, 2014

UPDATE: Magic Mike 2 will be arriving in cinemas in July 2015...

Paul Bettany on playing The Vision in The Avengers 2

Glen Chapman News Apr 15, 2014

Paul Bettany has been chatting about his casting in Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron

Pierce Brosnan looks back on his Bond stint

Glen Chapman News Apr 14, 2014

Pierce Brosnan has opened up about his time spent as James Bond 007. He doesn't appear too happy with it...

Kate Mara on the new Fantastic Four

Glen Chapman News Apr 11, 2014

Kate Mara has been chatting about the Fantastic Four reboot, and her role in it...

Tatooine being recreated for Star Wars: Episode VII

Glen Chapman News Apr 10, 2014

It has been revealed that a Tatooine set will be built in Morocco for Star Wars: Episode VII...

LEGO Movie directors apparently say no to Ghostbusters 3

Glen Chapman News Apr 8, 2014

UPDATE: Chris Miller and Phil Lord have now apparently turned Ghostbusters 3 down...

Point Break remake's producers offer update

Point Break
Glen Chapman News Apr 7, 2014

Broderick Johnson and Andrew A Kosgove have been chatting about the Point Break remake

Gareth Evans on the US remake of The Raid

The Raid
Glen Chapman News Mar 28, 2014

Whilst promoting The Raid 2, director Gareth Evans has been chatting about the planned remake of the first Raid.

Dwayne Johnson teases DC role: hinting at Lobo?

Glen Chapman News Mar 26, 2014

The Rock has dropped some big hints as to who he might be playing in a future DC movie...

Marc Webb won't direct The Amazing Spider-Man 4

Glen Chapman News Mar 17, 2014

Director Marc Webb confirms that he's moving on after The Amazing Spider-Man 3...

Karen Gillan on her Guardians Of The Galaxy role

Glen Chapman News Mar 13, 2014

Karen Gillan has been chatting about her villanous role in James Gunn's upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie...

Marc Webb chats about The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Glen Chapman News Mar 10, 2014

Director Marc Webb addresses the criticism that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has too many villains in it.

Michael B Jordan responds to Fantastic Four criticisms

Glen Chapman News Mar 7, 2014

Michael B Jordan, the new Human Torch in Fantastic Four, has responded to the controversies over the film's casting...

John Logan updates on Bond 24

Glen Chapman News Mar 6, 2014

Screenwriter John Logan has given an update on the progress of his script for Bond 24

Joel Silver reveals his plans for the ending of Watchmen

Glen Chapman News Feb 28, 2014

Joel Silver once had Terry Gilliam attached to direct an adaptation of Watchmen, and he's revealed their planned take on the ending.

10 great TV shows to enjoy with your kids

Glen Chapman James Stansfield Feature Feb 26, 2014

From Adventure Time to Old Jack's Boat, James and Glen talk us through ten modern kids' TV shows that geek parents can enjoy too...

James Gunn on Guardians Of The Galaxy, aliens and Rocket

Glen Chapman News Feb 21, 2014

The director of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy has been chatting about the film, and the aliens Marvel can't use...

Matthew McConaughey on Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Glen Chapman News Feb 20, 2014

Matthew McConaughey has been chatting about his part in Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi movie Interstellar

Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby set for a 2015 release

Sacha Baron Cohen
Glen Chapman News Feb 17, 2014

Sacha Baron Cohen's next comedy, Grimsby, has a release date in the middle of one of the busiest blockbuster seasons in history.