Duncan Bowles

Han Solo, Pierce Brosnan and Ryan Reynolds quipping
Warm Lohan feelings when Indy is whipping
All 19 versions of Lord of the Rings
These are a few of my favourite things...

Transformers t-shirts and shiny new figures
A movie collection that can't get much bigger
Cheering the way Captain America swings
These are a few of my favourite things...

Bateman as Batman and Pretty Face Eckhart
Driving fast cars to kill GTA street tarts
Bouncing and whooping when Statham's on screen
These are a few of my favourite things...

When the shit hits
When Brett Ratner speaks
When I'm feeling mad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so bad!

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Jason Momoa interview: Conan The Barbarian, Game Of Thrones, A Bullet To The Head, and more

Duncan Bowles Interview Aug 19, 2011

With Conan The Barbarian arriving in cinemas, Duncan met up with the chap who plays the mighty warrior of the title, Jason Momoa…

Conan The Barbarian review

Duncan Bowles Review Aug 15, 2011

Jason Momoa certainly looks the part as the hulking Conan The Barbarian, but does the film itself do the character justice? Duncan finds out...

Brand new trailer for Killer Elite, starring Jason Statham

Killer Elite
Duncan Bowles Trailer Aug 4, 2011

Jason Statham, Robert De Niro. Clive Owen. They all join together for Killer Elite, for which we have the latest trailer here...

Top 10 greatest William Fichtner films

Duncan Bowles Top 10 Jun 29, 2011

With Drive Angry out now on DVD and Blu-ray, we take a look back over the finest work of co-star and acting legend, William Fichtner...

The Mechanic Blu-ray review

Duncan Bowles Review Jun 5, 2011

The mighty Jason Statham stars in this violent remake of the 70s Charles Bronson movie, The Mechanic. Here’s Duncan’s review…

Priest review

Duncan Bowles Review May 5, 2011

Legion director Scott Stewart recruits vampires, Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and too much CGI for the sporadically strong Priest. Here's Duncan's review.

Karl Urban interview: Priest, Judge Dredd, Bourne, Lord Of The Rings, genre movies and more

Duncan Bowles Interview May 4, 2011

Ahead of the release of Priest, we caught up with actor Karl Urban to talk about his roles in Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings and the forthcoming Judge Dredd...

Exclusive: Why Michael Biehn is unlikely to make Terminator 5

Duncan Bowles News May 4, 2011

Michael Biehn has been linked with an appearance in Terminator 5. But we suspect the actor himself might not be keen. Here's why...

Looking back at Rocketeer

Duncan Bowles News Apr 26, 2011

With Captain America arriving in cinemas soon, we take a look back at director Joe Johnston’s underrated 90s comic book adaptation, Rocketeer…

Faster review

Duncan Bowles Review Mar 27, 2011

Duncan salutes the return of The Rock to what he does best, as he catches up with the UK release of Faster...

A brief history of dragons in cinema

Duncan Bowles News Mar 24, 2011

As Age Of The Dragons arrives on DVD and Blu-ray, Duncan takes a look at the history of dragons in the movies…

Liam Neeson interview: Unknown, Taken 2, Krull, Star Wars, Darkman and more

Duncan Bowles Interview Mar 2, 2011

With action thriller Unknown out in cinemas this week, we chat to actor Liam Neeson about his greatest geek films and the possibility of a Taken sequel…

Exclusive: Liam Neeson on The A-Team 2

Duncan Bowles News Feb 28, 2011

The A-Team didn’t exactly set the box office alight last year, but there may yet be a possibility of a sequel, according to star Liam Neeson…

James Purefoy interview: Ironclad, Solomon Kane, John Carter Of Mars, 007 and more

Duncan Bowles Interview Feb 28, 2011

Ahead of Ironclad’s UK release, we catch up with James Purefoy to talk about John Carter Of Mars, the British film industry, and wielding big swords…

Ironclad review

Duncan Bowles Review Feb 28, 2011

Horses, swords and an imposing performance from James Purefoy. It's Ironclad, and Duncan found much to enjoy in this historical epic...

Amber Heard interview: Drive Angry 3D, Nicolas Cage, John Carpenter, The Rum Diary and strong female roles in horror

Duncan Bowles Interview Feb 25, 2011

Amber Heard natters to us about Drive Angry 3D, working with John Carpenter, The Rum Diary, and the legend that is The Cage...

William Fichtner interview: Drive Angry 3D, David Morse, Go, Doug Liman and more

Duncan Bowles Interview Feb 24, 2011

William Fichtner has long been on the Den Of Geek heroes list. And as Drive Angry 3D arrives, we finally got to sit down with him for a chat...

Ironclad: exclusive clip

Duncan Bowles News Feb 23, 2011

With medieval action epic Ironclad set to arrive in cinemas next week, we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure…

Sean Bean interview: Cleanskin, Bond, Boromir and Black Death

Duncan Bowles Interview Feb 22, 2011

As the mighty Sean Bean films his next movie, Cleanskin, we caught up with him to talk about some of his finest roles...

Top 10 greatest Timothy Olyphant films

Duncan Bowles Top 10 Feb 21, 2011

We salute one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated actors, and pick out ten of Timothy Olyphant’s finest movies...