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Sentimentality in the work of Shinichiro Watanabe

David Menzies Feature
Jul 1, 2014

David traces the theme of sentimentality in the anime work of Shinichiro Watanabe, from Cowboy Bebop to Space Dandy...

10 Angel episodes that were too big for Sunnydale

David Menzies Odd List
May 1, 2014

After breaking up with Buffy, Angel moved to Los Angeles, a bigger, scarier place even than the Hellmouth...

Sleepy Hollow: getting diversity right

David Menzies Feature
Jan 14, 2014

David argues that Sleepy Hollow is ahead of its US network peers when it comes to diversity...

Why Sky One's Sinbad deserves a second series

David Menzies Feature
Oct 2, 2013

Bold casting, character development, comedy and action. David argues that Sky 1's Sinbad should have been allowed a chance to grow…

Smallville: Becoming Superman

David Menzies Feature
Jun 17, 2013

In hindsight, Smallville's depiction of Clark Kent's teen years reverberates with real-world parallels...

What Renaissance Pictures did for geek TV

David Menzies Feature
Apr 12, 2013

Would we have had Mutant Enemy or Bad Robot without Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert's Renaissance Pictures? David thinks not...

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