Aliya Whiteley

Aliya Whiteley lives in West Sussex and writes prose, poetry, and non-fiction. Her first two comic novels were published by Macmillan, and her collection of speculative short stories, Witchcraft in the Harem, was published by Dog Horn Publishing in April 2013. She has written for Lonely Planet, The Guardian, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Strange Horizons, Word Riot, Per Contra, Smokelong, and many others. Her website can be found at

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Recent articles by Aliya Whiteley

The acting roles of Richard Attenborough

Aliya Whiteley Feature Apr 3, 2014

Tend to think of Richard Attenborough as a kindly old man? Aliya digs into his early career to find some far nastier roles...

Bette Davis, Joan Fontaine, and Hammer Horror

Aliya Whiteley Feature Mar 24, 2014

Think of women in classic Hammer Horror movies and you probably imagine cleavage and fangs, but the studio worked with some of the greats

Mystery DVD Club: Stonehenge Apocalypse

Aliya Whiteley Feature Feb 27, 2014

This isn't a good film. But Aliya might have found a way to enjoy it anyway, lasers and all...

Remembering Anton Walbrook

Aliya Whiteley Feature Jan 29, 2014

Aliya recounts five of the best performances from the wonderful Anton Walbrook...

That's Entertainment! and the role of the compilation film

Aliya Whiteley Feature Jan 28, 2014

Now we've got YouTube, we might not need compilations of iconic clips, but That's Entertainment! filled a special need back in the 70s...

How High Road To China broke all the rules of adventure movies

Aliya Whiteley Feature Jan 10, 2014

High Road To China might be dismissed as an Indiana Jones wannabe, but Aliya reckons it's more interesting than that...

Top 10 films of 2013: Stoker

Aliya Whiteley Odd List Dec 20, 2013

At 8th place in our writers' round up of the best films of the year, here's Chan-wook Park's English language debut...

Remembering Peter Finch

Aliya Whiteley Feature Nov 15, 2013

Best known for his classic turn in Network, Peter Finch's career was full of other powerful films, as Aliya reminds us...

10 science fiction films from 1979 that are worth revisiting

Aliya Whiteley Top 10 Nov 5, 2013

Influential, mostly forgotten, dated, or surprisingly modern, all of these films are still worth watching...

Cary Grant screwball comedies from 1940 you need to see

Aliya Whiteley Feature Oct 22, 2013

Cary Grant starred in some of the best comic films ever. Aliya picks three, for starters...

Ealing Studio Rarities Collection Volume Seven DVD review

Aliya Whiteley Review Oct 15, 2013

Aliya finds that this selection of classic Ealing movies from the '30s and '40s provides a surprisingly solid few hours of entertainment

Revisiting Robert Rodriguez's The Faculty

Aliya Whiteley Feature Oct 11, 2013

Robert Rodriguez' 90s sci-fi spoof The Faculty may be a messy mash-up of influences, but it's still a really fun mess, Aliya writes...

Remembering Carole Lombard

Aliya Whiteley Feature Oct 2, 2013

Carole Lombard's comic timing paved the way for the likes of Goldie Hawn and Meg Ryan. Aliya salutes the actress's life and work...

Remembering Trevor Howard

Aliya Whiteley Feature Sep 26, 2013

An acting great British of the post-war era, Trevor Howard's the subject of a new movie box set. Aliya looks at its five classic films...

The films of Sylvain Chomet

Aliya Whiteley Feature Sep 19, 2013

Aliya looks back at animator and filmmaker Sylvain Chomet's magnificent movies, including Belleville Rendezvous and The Illusionist...

Clint Eastwood, Don Siegel, and the great anti-hero

Aliya Whiteley Feature Sep 16, 2013

Between them, director Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood created some classic movie anti-heroes, including one Dirty Harry...

German films about the generation gap

Aliya Whiteley Feature Sep 9, 2013

Does Germany examine the generation gap better than any other country? Aliya looks at three films on that very topic...

Hammer, Dennis Wheatley, and the Devil’s luck

Aliya Whiteley Feature Sep 3, 2013

Although his novels were successful, Dennis Wheatley never had much luck in the movies - even with Hammer behind them, as Aliya explains...

The top 10 far-out Scooby Doo animated movies

Aliya Whiteley Top 10 Aug 20, 2013

Zoinks! Aliya provides a rundown of 10 enjoyable Scooby-Doo animated movies. Scrappy isn't invited...

Remembering Mary Ure

Aliya Whiteley Feature Aug 19, 2013

We pay tribute to Mary Ure, the star of stage and big-screen classics including Look Back In Anger and Where Eagles Dare...