About Us

Right then.

Den Of Geek started back in April 2007, after a man called Simon Brew bought a man called Mat Toor a particularly bad coffee in a cafe. Two weeks later, with no little help from a woman called Sarah Dobbs, the site was born.

Since then, it’s erratically grown into a well-tolerated home for news, reviews, features, rants and bad jokes, all for those on the nerdier side of life. It is the work of lots of writing people. These writing people, in fact...

Editor-In-Chief, Den Of Geek (Earth Division): That’d be Simon Brew

The other person who edits the site, but doesn't get enough credit for it (Mr Deputy Editor, in Earth speak): Mr Ryan Lambie

Gaming? Who Is The Man Who Does Most Of The Gaming Pieces? Ah, that’s Aaron Birch.

The person who edits the television part of the site: Say hello to Louisa Mellor

Man Who Wields Crayons And Stuff Matt White. Crayolas are his favourite.

However! Den Of Geek would be nothing without its amazing collection of contributors, who of whom rules the world in their own way. The current roster?

Dave Adamson
Laura Akers
Stu Anderson
Andrew Blair
Duncan Bowles-Statham
Rachel Bowles-Downey Jr
Terence Bowman
Glen Chapman
James Clayton
Rory Cooper
Pete Dillon-Trechard
Sarah Dobbs
Matt Edwards (Ninja Turtles editor)
Kaci Ferrell
Mark Harrison
Juliette Harrisson
Karl Hodge
Ron Hogan
Luke Holland
N P Horton
James Hunt
Rachael Kates
Rob Kemp
Anastasia Klimchynskaya
Michael Leader
Rob Leane
Paul Martinovic
Emma Matthews
Megan McGill
Robert Mclaughlin
Michael Noble
Seb Patrick
James Peaty
Mark Pickavance
Caroline Preece
Luke Savage
Patrick Sproull
Carley Tauchert
Gem Wheeler
Aliya Whiteley
Robert Zak

[Er, if we’ve missed you out, shout at us. We lost this list three times while typing it out]

Also, a tip of the hat to the co-editors of Den Of Geek past, Sarah Dobbs and Martin Anderson.

Finally, Den Of Geek would be nothing without the late, great Gaye Birch, who we sadly lost in 2011, but continue to dedicate the site to her.