A Good Day To Die Hard

Decisions disliked by moviegoers that worked

Simon Brew Feature Aug 13, 2014

Staggered releases, 12A action films, regional coding and more. We might not like them but they work...

Samuel L Jackson linked with Die Hard 6

Die Hard With A Vengeance
Simon Brew News Apr 15, 2014

Samuel L Jackson's Zeus Carver may be back for the sixth and final Die Hard movie...

Have the PG-13/12A ratings become compromised?

Simon Brew Feature Jul 30, 2013

With The Wolverine and The Lone Ranger rated 12A in spite of their content, has the point been lost as to who movie ratings are for?

A Good Day To Die Hard DVD review

Simon Brew Review Jun 10, 2013

Does Die Hard 5 improve on DVD? Here's our review...

Die Hard 6 gets a screenwriter and title

Die Hard: the finest action film on the planet?
Glen Chapman News May 1, 2013

It looks like Die Hard 6 is happening. And, er, it has a title as well...

What did you think of A Good Day To Die Hard?

Den Of Geek News Feb 15, 2013

Leave your spoiler-filled thoughts on Die Hard 5 right here...

12 ways to fix the Die Hard franchise

Simon Brew Feature Feb 15, 2013

As A Good Day To Die Hard opens to mediocre reviews, we come up with a dozen things on our Die Hard 6 wishlist...

Fox responds to complaints about Die Hard 5 cuts

Simon Brew News Feb 13, 2013

Fox explains its decision to cut A Good Day To Die Hard in order to get a 12A certificate in the UK...

A Good Day To Die Hard review

Simon Brew Review Feb 14, 2013

John McClane heads to Russia for the fifth Die Hard movie. Unfortunately, the magic was lost in the long-haul flight...

Is it time for a 15A/PG-15 rating?

Simon Brew Feature Feb 14, 2013

With Die Hard 5 and Taken 2 cut to get a broader rating, is it time that UK and US ratings boards took another look at the system?