Wonder Woman 1984 Villains Explained

By Rosie Fletcher

DC has skillfully adapted many of its villains for film, but Wonder Woman 1984 uniquely presents two flawed but redeemable antagonists.


Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord is a selfish, greedy con man, but he’s not evil, vengeful, or sadistic the way a traditional villain might be.

Instead, he is the embodiment of corrupt ‘80s capitalism and the pursuit of more, more, more, regardless of the harm it could do.

Lord’s amoral nature might nearly bring about the apocalypse, but he merely capitalizes on the evils of others.

In the end, he learns his lesson and is reunited with his son, who is the tangible reminder of the abundance he always had.

Barbara Minerva, on the other hand, starts out as an often overlooked intellectual who wants to be friends with Diana.

When her powers begin to manifest, she gains the confidence that society robbed from her. But she isn’t immediately villainous.

It’s only when Barbara is threatened with having to give up her newfound power that she becomes monstrous.

Despite her act of vengeance, she’s certainly no more contemptible than all the city boys who wished for Porsches.

One question remains: did Max and Barbara both achieve redemption, or might one of them continue down a dark path?

Either way, Wonder Woman 1984 found a fitting way to introduce two iconic baddies with the nuance they deserve.