By Kirsten Howard

Tyler Hoechlin stars in The CW’s Superman & Lois TV series after leaving Teen Wolf behind.

Tyler Hoechlin has been in showbiz since he was knee high to a grasshopper, starring in a handful of commercials as a baby.

He got a big break at the tender age of 13 when he was chosen to play Tom Hanks’ son in Sam Mendes’ Road to Perdition.

Despite fielding acting roles after that, he pursued a career in baseball, playing all the way to college level until he pulled a hamstring, which ended up reigniting his passion for acting.

After getting the odd TV and film part, Hoechlin scored a juicy role as Derek Hale in MTV’s smash hit reimagining of Teen Wolf.

Though the actor didn’t lead the cast, he became a “scene-stealer” during the four seasons he played alpha werewolf Derek in the series.

He decided to leave the show for bigger things off the back of his success, landing big parts in two baseball films where he could show off his talents.

Undrafted (2016)

But in 2016, Hoechlin made another splash in the sci-fi TV genre after he was cast as Superman on Supergirl.

Hoechlin didn’t even have to audition for Superman—he was always producer Greg Berlanti's first choice, which the actor described as “surreal”.

Now, Hoechlin brings Superman to The CW in his own series, starring opposite Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane in Superman & Lois.

In Superman & Lois, Clark Kent and Lois Lane return to Smallville with their two sons, but things soon become just as dangerous as they were in the big city.

The series received strong reviews ahead of its premiere, and it looks like Superman could establish a new home on The CW for a long time to come.

Hopefully they will find a way to get Hoechlin’s Clark Kent involved in coaching the local baseball team!