By Nick Morgulis

Training Day is a beloved archetypal crime drama. If you’ve recently revisited it on Netflix or remember loving the film, here’s what to watch next.

Training Day features a classic standoff between a rookie cop and his veteran partner. Denzel Washington’s character plays a cop corrupt beyond all redemption in a stunning performance.

If you’re looking for more films of the same ilk, here are five more superb movies in which a lone cop goes head-to-head with insidious corruption.

All the movies feature drugs, guns, and money, but in the end, the most powerful and dangerous narcotic of all turns out to be power.

Serpico (1973)

This 1970s police drama established Al Pacino as among the greatest actors of his generation. Frank Serpico uncovers widespread corruption and blows the whistle on the entire NYPD police force.

Internal Affairs (1990)

Richard Gere stars as a corrupt Los Angeles police officer and womanizer who comes under investigation. No amount of L.A. vistas can wipe away the slime at the heart of this low-key thriller.

L.A. Confidential (1997)

This film mixes fictionalized versions of real-life figures with indelible characters. The complex, epic tale of police corruption and Hollywood celebrity builds to a brilliant climax.

Cop Land (1997)

In this film, Sylvester Stallone’s performance cast him in a new light as a serious actor. He plays the sheriff of a small New Jersey town who becomes aware of rampant corruption and must end it.

The Departed (2006)

The film is an operatic, grand crime thriller as only the great Martin Scorsese can achieve. It’s full of twists, double-crosses, and betrayals one would expect from the mastermind director.