By Alec Bojalad

A supersoldier, a bureaucrat, and another governor are just some of the fresh faces you’ll meet in The Walking Dead Season 11.

The Walking Dead is almost done. The first eight episodes of the show’s final run begin airing on Sunday, August 23.

Even though the end is nigh, the show is still set to introduce a new batch of characters, several of whom hail from the original comic series and one who does not.

Let’s look at the newbies to keep your eye on as The Walking Dead season 11 gets underway!

Mercer (Michael James Shaw) is the leader of the Commonwealth Army. He also gets to wear cool armor.

Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) is the governor of the Commonwealth. She presides over a relatively safe community and enjoys being in the public eye.

Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) is a resident of The Commonwealth. Based on his comic counterpart and appearance in a Commonwealth orientation video, he is likely a media specialist.

Stephanie Vega (Margot Bingham) is a resident of the Commonwealth who previously made radio contact with Eugene. We’ll finally see her in the flesh this season.

Pope (Ritchie Coster) is the leader of a villainous new group called The Reapers. Showrunner Angela Kang describes them as the most deadly and skilled Walking Dead villains yet.

As The Walking Dead continues on its lengthy final season, there likely will be many more new faces to come!