By Alec Bojalad

Who are those stylish stormtroopers on the latest Walking Dead? Some light comic spoilers ahead.

Sometimes AMC’s The Walking Dead is only as good as its villains.

Over 10 seasons, Rick Grimes and company have been tormented by the likes of The Governor, Negan, The Whisperers, and more

Season 11 is set to be the show’s final. What villain group could possibly be strong enough to see the series out?

Based on the conclusion of the proper season 10 finale and the upcoming events of season 10’s fourth extra episode, it’s these guys.

Though they haven’t been referred to as such yet in the show, these militaristic stormtroopers come from a community known as The Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is indeed the community that Eugene’s radio buddy Stephanie belongs to.

As evidenced by its soldiers’ armor, The Commonwealth is a highly advanced and powerful society - relatively speaking for the post-apocalypse.

But are they friend or foe? The Walking Dead comic’s final arc reveals that the story has grown up enough that it might not be that simple.

The Commonwealth arc finds The Walking Dead at its most politically astute and our show characters are going to have to get comfortable with some gray in their black and white world.

For a full, spoiler-filled explanation on what The Commonwealth is all about swipe up!

For now, rest assured that The Walking Dead is in good hands with its choice of antagonists for its final season.