The Expanse Season 6: Predictions & Theories

By Michael Ahr

The Expanse has been renewed for a sixth and final season, leaving several of the James S. A. Corey novels unadapted.

Even with season 5 yet to begin on December 16, speculation has begun, especially among book readers, about how The Expanse might end.

With cloaked asteroids headed towards Earth, the possible destruction and recovery effort could easily take two seasons.

Avasarala has provided Earth’s perspective in the past, but Amos will likely view the crisis firsthand, which will enrich his story leading into the final season.

The antagonist of books 6 and 7 and of season 5 is Naomi’s ex, Marco Inaros, but the final season of The Expanse might need to move onto the next enemy.

Even after the terrorist threat is dealt with, Bobbie’s insights into the Martian complicity will likely explore a deeper threat in season 6.

Drummer may end up subsuming the role of Michio Pa as well as enacting her own character’s importance in later books in the series.

Then there’s the question of who created the protomolecule and what Holden witnessed in season 4 that could destroy such an advanced civilization.

The ring gates have forever changed the political and cultural landscape of the solar system, but their origins remain a mystery.

Behind the scenes, the controversy surrounding Cas Anvar’s sexual misconduct has resulted in his removal from The Expanse cast for season 6.

With the filming of The Expanse  season 5 already wrapped before the scandal hit, the fate of Anvar’s character, Alex Kamal, will need to be decided.

The ninth and final novel in the book series comes out in 2021, allowing for elements of its ending to be incorporated into a more open ended series finale for The Expanse.