By Michael Ahr

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth adapts a post-apocalyptic graphic novel from DC’s Vertigo imprint, but the series won’t be quite as dark as the comic.

Both the comic and the Netflix series feature the half-deer, half-human protagonist Gus living in a post apocalyptic world where many children are born as animal hybrids.

Gus attaches himself to the stoic Jepperd, who agrees to help the young boy journey to a sanctuary for children like him.

But it’s unlikely that the family friendly version on Netflix will include scenes such as the rescue of women from a prostitution ring found in the comic.

Executive producer Robert Downey, Jr. admits that the graphic novels were “a little darker, a bit more foreboding” than the series.

His wife and partner Susan Downey felt they could focus more on Gus’ sense of hope: “We felt we could really hold onto the themes but make it a more enjoyable place.”

Nonso Anozie’s Tommy Jepperd is quite different from the grizzled old man in the comic, and Christian Convery makes a much cuter Gus.

The trailer does include some characters that seem familiar, including someone that looks like pig-nosed girl Wendy from the graphic novel.

But Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire promises that the show will also introduce new faces: “Some of the best parts of the show are some of the new characters.”

In the end, Team Downey hopes that Sweet Tooth will appeal to fans of the comic and viewers of all ages.

“I just hope that people have the experience that we get to have with our kids where we cuddle up on the couch and all watch it together,” says Susan Downey.