By Mike Cecchini

The first episode of Superman & Lois is a love letter to over 80 years of DC comics, movie, and TV history.

Superman & Lois, the new DC TV series on The CW takes a new look at its iconic characters, putting them in unfamiliar situations, but with faithful portrayals.

Taking Clark Kent and Lois Lane and making them married parents of twin teenage boys, the show brings an element of family drama previously unseen in the Superman mythos.

It even moves the family back to the farm on Smallville instead of their usual stomping ground of Metropolis.

But don’t be fooled by how different this take on the story sounds, because Superman & Lois knows exactly how to pay tribute to its roots.

The show tells us Superman’s life story in its opening montage, and even features a tribute to the character’s very first appearance in 1938.

If that green car looks familiar, it’s because this was an intentional homage to the cover of 1938’s Action Comics #1.

And take a closer look at the suit he’s wearing with the black shield around the iconic “S”.

The costume in this shot is a tribute to the Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons of the early 1940s, the first time the Man of Steel was ever seen on screen.

The series has plenty of love for Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman: The Movie, as well,  including a reminder for the family to “call Dr. Donner” on their memo board at home.

But that movie famously featured a baby Kal-El lifting a pickup truck, letting his new parents know that he wasn’t an ordinary child.

Superman & Lois inverts that, by showing an adult Clark Kent lift the family pickup truck in order to finally let his sons know that he’s Superman.

And these are only a few of the amazing ways Superman & Lois pays tribute to the Man of Steel’s history.