Star Wars: The Bad Batch 

Finishes What The Clone Wars Started

By John Saavedra

On May 4, Star Wars fans will go on an all-new animated adventure in The Bad Batch. Here’s what you need to know about the new series.

The Bad Batch stars Clone Force 99, a squad of mutated and enhanced clone troopers who don’t quite fit in. They were introduced in The Clone Wars, teamed up with Anakin Skywalker and Commander Rex.

Referred to as “The Bad Batch” by other clones, the squad is made up of:

Hunter, a clone with enhanced senses; Wrecker, a tank with enhanced strength; Crosshair, whose advanced eyesight makes him the perfect sniper for the team; Tech, who is the brains of the team; and Echo, a clone with cybernetic abilities.

During the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch were seen as one of the most elite units of the Republic, but when the Empire takes over after Order 66, things change for Clone Force 99.

In episode 1 of the new series, it’s revealed that future-Grand Moff Tarkin thinks that the Empire should dismantle the Clone Army. He’s particularly interested in putting an end to the Bad Batch, who are more individualistic and insubordinate.

As seen in the trailers leading up to the premiere, the Bad Batch and the Empire do end up at odds with each other, and a new journey begins for Clone Force 99, one that will bring them face to face with Rex as well as The Mandalorian assassin Fennec Shand.

They also encounter another mutant clone, a young girl named Omega, a mysterious new addition to the Star Wars saga. We know little about Omega except that she joins the Bad Batch on their quest and that she’s armed with a very cool futuristic bow.

The Bad Batch is set after Revenge of the Sith but is also designed as a spiritual sequel to The Clone Wars that is meant to show the very early days of the Empire.

That means fans should expect the series to feature a tone and aesthetic that brings in elements from both the Prequels and the Original Trilogy.