What to Expect


Star Trek: Discovery 

By Lacy Baugher

What will happen in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4?

The Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 finale saw Michael Burnham defeat Osyraa, solve the mystery of The Burn, and reaffirm the Federation’s role in the 32nd century.

But the series left some major mysteries lingering for the upcoming Season 4, which has already begun production.

What kind of captain will Michael Burnham be?

The Season 3 finale saw Michael Burnham become captain of the Discovery.

Michael has found her greatest success as a character when she has an authority figure or structure she is set in opposition to.

How will Michael respond when she is the authority figure? What kind of captain will she become?

What’s next for Saru?

At the end of Season 3, Saru takes a leave of absence from the Starfleet to go with the young Kelpian refugee Su’Kal back to their home planet of Kaminar.

Will he stay on Kaminar or return to the Discovery in Season 4? And if it’s the latter, what role can he fulfill now that Michael is in the captain’s chair?

Whatever happens with Saru, there’s no way Discovery is planning on writing off his character completely – or losing the talents of actor Doug Jones.

How will Gray be seen?

During his trip to the Kelpian ship, Gray was able to take visible holographic form, but lost it again when the program was shut down.

Hugh has promised Gray they will find a way to ensure he is truly seen, but what will that look like?

Seriously, what’s up with Book’s cat?

Discovery Season 3 set up the mystery of Book’s feline friend, Grudge, but never explained what her deal is past Book’s repeated mantra that “She’s a queen.”

Discovery Season 4 better give us the Grudge answers we demand.