By Lee Parham

Streaming service Plex is offering a number of fantastic titles available to stream FREE this August! Find out what’s new and what the Den of Geek critics recommend streaming.

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Plex is a one-stop-shop streaming media service available worldwide offering subscribers thousands of free movies and TV shows to stream along with hundreds of free live TV channels as well.

Each month   Plex releases a   plethora of   brand new   titles to watch.   We’re here to   help you   identify which   are the best of   the best. 

Quentin Tarrantino has had three decades of fantastic filmmaking with one of his career highlights being 2012’s revisionist history film Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx in the titular role.

Foxx stars as a former slave on a quest for revenge and to rescue his beloved wife Broomhilda from the evil clutches of Calvin Candy, a slave owner played by Leonardo Dicaprio in a villainous part.

Foxx is joined by Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz, a German bounty hunter disguised as a dentist in the actor's second Oscar winning turn, both from Tarantino directed projects.

The late Anthony Bourdain’s reality travel show No Reservations is available to stream in its entirety on Plex. The show follows the famous chef on his adventures all across the world.

No Reservations provides viewers with a deep, culturally enriching experience where they can live vicariously through Bourdain’s journeys across the globe exploring different cultures and cuisines.

David O’Russell’s 2012 Oscar-winning film Silver Linings Playbook is also available to stream. The film follows Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, and Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

The film portrays a unique story between Pat and Tiffany as they juggle mental illness and loss while navigating a romantic relationship. Lawrence earned her only career Oscar win for her performance.

You can now watch the third film in the horror anthology franchise Halloween, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, lauded as one of the boldest horror films of the 1980s.

The 1982 horror flick is the only film in the franchise to not feature the series main antagonist, the masked killer Michael Myers, setting it apart as one of the most diverse and creative entries.

Are you hotly anticipating the release of Clerks III? If so, you can stream its predecessor Clerks II on Plex now! The film picks up with the events of Dante and Randle 10 years after the original.

The 2006 Kevin Smith feature includes actors Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, and Rosario Dawson, and has some fan-fueled iconic enraged rants about pop culture phenomena like Star Wars.

You can watch   all these   exciting titles   and hundreds   more now on   the Plex app!