By Michael Ahr

Pierce Brosnan, best known as the fifth James Bond, has played many spies and thieves on screen, and that trend continues with his latest role in The Misfits.

Brosnan left a stage acting career when he took the title role in TV’s Remington Steele, which ran on NBC from 1982 to 1987.

A former thief and con man, Brosnan’s character assumed the name of Remington Steele, a fictitious boss that private eye Laura Holt had created to win business in a man’s world.

Brosnan only occasionally diverted from the “distinguished gentleman with secrets” vibe as his career continued through several spy thrillers and heist films.

The Irish actor’s first role as a spy came in 1987’s The Fourth Protocol, but Michael Caine was the British agent with Brosnan as his KGB enemy.

But it was his 1995 turn as 007 in Goldeneye that made him a Bond fan favorite, and he returned to the role for three more films.

During his time as James Bond, however, Brosnan returned to the gentleman thief persona, starring in The Thomas Crown Affair, which he also produced.

Brosnan did branch out, though, most notably in the disaster film Dante’s Peak, the comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, and the musical Mamma Mia!

Mrs. Doubtfire

In the upcoming Renny Harlin film, The Misfits, Brosnan plays a thief recruited by a band of modern day Robin Hoods to steal from terrorists.

The Misfits also stars Nick Cannon and Jamie Chung, along with Tim Roth as the corrupt prison owner who has stashed millions of dollars in gold bars beneath his secure facility.

Like Bond actors Sean Connery and Roger Moore before him, Brosnan still oozes charisma at age 68 and commands the screen in The Misfits, premiering June 11.

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