By Kirsten Howard

The Jaeger vs. Kaiju fight continues in Netflix’s animated Pacific Rim spinoff series.

Back in 2013, Guillermo del Toro tried to start his own larger than life monster action franchise with Pacific Rim.

The ambitious film starred Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam and Babel actress Rinko Kikuchi as a pair of plucky pilots in a world overrun by Kaiju.

To finally beat the huge monsters destroying the world’s cities, the duo are enlisted to seal an interdimensional portal using massive robots called Jaegers.

Though the film received favorable reviews, its box office success was modest at best.

It was five long years before a sequel arrived—Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Del Toro did not return to direct it, and Star Wars actor John Boyega was chosen as the film’s new leading man.

Uprising suffered from middling reviews and a poor showing at the global box office.

But with Godzilla vs. Kong on the horizon, 2021 is certainly the time of monsters, and Netflix is cashing in.

The team behind the streaming giant’s Godzilla anime movie trilogy are tackling the Pacific Rim franchise with a brand-new animated spinoff series.

In Pacific Rim: The Black, Australia is suffering from relentless Kaiju attacks.

Knowing the danger ahead, a pair of young siblings set out to try to find their parents by learning how to pilot an abandoned Jaeger.

But the Kaiju aren’t the only monsters in their lives.

Will this be the last roar for Pacific Rim?