By Lee Parham

With Pixar is about to make its first dive into television, here are some of the studio’s best stories to watch before Monsters at Work.

Monsters, Inc. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Pixar’s animated classic Monster, Inc. defined a generation and reaffirmed the studio as one of Hollywood’s greatest.

Monsters University The 2013 prequel to Monsters, INC, Monsters University sees Mike, Sully, and the gang back in their college days in this Revenge of the Nerds-esc comedy.

Mike’s New Car Pixar’s first feature related short film, Mike’s New Car depicts Murphy’s Law in full bloom and just about everything from malfunctioning seats to engine failure goes awry.

Party Central Mike and Sully attempt to relive their college years by going back to their Alma Mater and attending a fraternity party in this hilariously entertaining short.

Soul The reigning Best Animated Feature winner, Soul illustrates Pixar at the top of their craft with an emotionally poignant story with bold ideas exploring the afterlife and humanity.

Onward Want more lovable monsters? Onward administers a Dungeons and Dragons inspired quest with mythical creatures galore powered by the bond of brotherhood.

Inside Out What if your emotions… had emotions? Pixar explores deep themes of the human mind, parenthood, adolescence, and family in this touching tale.

The Blue Umbrella Set to the backdrop of a rainy street, The Blue Umbrella tells the unusual love story of two umbrellas fighting to avoid separation from each other.

Bao What studio can make you fall in love with a sentient steam bun in less than 8 minutes? Pixar of course! Bao provides one of Pixar’s most creative and delicious short films to date.

Purl Another example of Pixar spinning a workplace environment with their patented charm, Purl paints an endearing and relevant picture of power dynamics.

From prequels to sequels and sentient umbrellas, stream all these titles and more as you wait for new episodes of Monsters at Work to debut on Disney Plus.