Turns Up the Insanity Factor for Disney+ Series

By Brian Berman

Marvel’s Thor and Avengers movies have only given us a glimpse of how bizarre things can get when Loki is given the spotlight.

Last year, Marvel Studios announced Loki. Starring Tom Hiddleston, the series will stream on Disney+.

Helmed by Rick and Morty season 4 writer Michael Waldron, Loki will explore the character’s quest to resume his role as God of Mischief.

The show takes place some time after the events of Avengers: Endgame, when a time-displaced Loki escaped his ultimate fate.

Little was known about the show until Disney’s recent investor call, wherein a new trailer was debuted.

What’s clear so far is that Loki has been taken prisoner by the Time Variance Authority—a shadowy organization first referenced in Thor comics in the 1980s.

The trailer also introduces us to a business-formal Owen Wilson, whose character appears to work a senior role in the TVA.

This authority figure seems to be none other than Mr. Mobius, a comedic bureaucrat with a persona that mirrors integral Marvel comics writer Mark Gruenwald.

Our anti-hero will have to escape the chains of the TVA before he can resume his usual seraphic, shapeshifting antics.

Loki travels through time and space throughout the trailer, which shows him in different outfits and settings, all while dropping hints about the show’s place in the multiverse.

In one scene, Loki seems to resemble 1971 American aircraft skyjacker D.B. Cooper—the only perp in commercial aviation history to never be caught. What is Marvel hinting at? 

A shadowy, hooded figure who resembles legendary Marvel villain Doctor Doom lurks in various scenes, as well.

Wherever the Disney+ series heads, it’s certain that we’ll be in for a wild, wild ride once Loki premieres in May 2021.