By Kirsten Howard

Loki has to play by the rules and fix a messy Marvel timeline in his upcoming Disney+ series.

On June 11 Marvel Studios will finally release its most highly anticipated MCU TV show, Loki.

The spinoff project stars Tom Hiddleston, who reprises his role as the fan favorite character after appearing in six big budget Marvel Cinematic Universe installments.

In Avengers: Infinity War, the God of Mischief was apparently killed at the hands of the villainous Thanos.

But in Avengers: Endgame, an earlier iteration of Loki was able to escape with the Tesseract during the 2012 Time Heist.

This is not the more mature Loki who suffered through the events of Ragnarok and who practically sacrificed his life to save Thor’s, but a much more devious version.

It’s this version of Loki who must answer for his crimes in Marvel’s new TV series.

Loki posits that the act of stealing the Tesseract created multiple branch realities that must be fixed to avoid temporal chaos.

The bureaucratic Time Variance Authority, led by Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius, will bring Loki in to help clean up the mess he’s made.

The series will throw Loki headfirst into some key moments in human history, and he will be expected to right various wrongs.

After being imprisoned and manipulated by the TVA, Loki will apparently become D.B. Cooper, and find time to run for President!

There may be major cameos from other MCU characters afoot.

And Richard E. Grant also has a mysterious role in the show, with some fans wondering if he will play an older version of the Master of Manipulation.

Will Loki really turn over a new leaf when he’s not on the TVA’s leash?