By Michael Ahr

With the arrival of the Loki series on Disney+, Marvel’s favorite Norse villain has increased in popularity among comic collectors, and there are plenty of notable titles to consider.

Loki is largely responsible on page for the birth of the shared Marvel Comics Universe, and the character has been a part of some amazing runs across several titles.

Journey Into Mystery #85 introduced Loki and many other Norse gods to Marvel comics readers, but this ultimate collectible could cost two thousand dollars or more.

Equally classic is The Avengers #1, which not only featured the superteam that would eventually anchor the MCU; it also starred Loki as its main villain.

Writer Walter Simonson’s comics inspired the story of Thor: Ragnarok, and one of his best Loki arcs in Thor #353 found the trickster fighting alongside both Thor and Odin.

After three years without any Thor comics, Marvel brought Asgard back in big way in 2007, and Thor #5 in the new run featured Loki in female form.

Journey Into Mystery #622 had Tom Hiddleston on its cover, and writer Kieron Gillen’s take on Loki is the most similar to the character we know from the MCU today.

Gillen’s Loki died and was resurrected as a teenager, and Kid Loki assembled his own team in Young Avengers #1, which also featured the children of Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Loki returned to adulthood for his solo title Loki: Agent of Asgard #1, which found the character obsessed with establishing his own heroism through missions carried out on Earth.

Marvel took Loki’s unabashedly selfish approach to heroism to a new level in Vote Loki #1 by having Loki campaign for President as an open, avowed, amoral liar.