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By Nick Morgulis

Here are the DC and Marvel comics that need to be on your radar right now!

HAWKEYE (2017) #1 

The upcoming Disney+ TV show bearing the same name is likely to be a breakout moment for Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, the Hawkeye who got her start on the Young Avengers.

(Marvel Comics)

With a Young Avengers movie or show being almost inevitable now, prices should go up. Copies are going for $10-20.

Iron Man #225

Armor Wars will become a series on Disney+ soon, and this story follows Tony Stark as he hunts down tech stolen from him and sold to supervillains.

(Marvel Comics)

It’s also grossly underpriced, with copies as low as $20. Now may be the time to come in early!

Savage She-Hulk #1

This Stan Lee/John Buscema book from 1980 introduced Hulk’s cousin, and is likely serving as a significant foundation for She-Hulk’s upcoming Disney+ show.

(Marvel Comics)

It is available for under $60 if you really hunt. Key issues with an MCU connection tend to get substantial price bumps. Don’t be surprised if this goes up a lot as we get closer to the show.


This is the only Silver Age book you’ll see on this list. The first appearance of Batgirl should really be going for far more than $700.

(DC Comics)

That’s a lot of money, but if you’re looking to invest in a comic, you could probably do worse than to jump on a clean copy of Batgirl’s debut before her movie starts picking up steam

Amazing Spider-Man #544

It’s a pretty bold move, basing the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home on one of the worst Spidey stories of all time, but if you’re a collector, this is a boon.

The story had some beautiful art, but the concept and execution were really rough. That might explain why the first issue of that story, Amazing Spider-Man #544, is still available for under $10.

Marvel Boy (2000) #1

With the next Captain Marvel movie being titled The Marvels, it’s worth speculating to see if deals can be had. One particular Marvel selling for very reasonable prices is Marvel Boy.

Marvel Boy became a quintessential member of the Young Avengers and dated Kate Bishop for a little while. Full sets of this comic are available for less than $15. Get in now.

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1

Kamala Khan is going to be a very big deal. We can guarantee her Disney+ show is going to be huge! That’s why her first appearance (in All New Marvel Now #1 in 2014) is very expensive.

But her most recent series, Magnificent Ms. Marvel, is priced very reasonably, and should see a bump when the show hits.

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